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The Enthusiast Oriented Steez AGS Rods are Back and Cater to U.S. Applications


Date: 7/15/21
Tackle Type: Rods
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: When it comes to catering to tackle enthusiasts Daiwa knows how to do "high-end" and "JDM" better than just about anyone. With the will and resources to push the threshold in tackle design, technology, and refinement enthusiast anglers stateside have been waiting for the company to make their move. The Steez rod lineup has long been coveted by anglers on both sides of the pond, and this year U.S. anglers get a upgraded series designed to meet our region's unique fishing techniques and applications.


There are not many rod lines that gets me this excited but a complete refresh of the Steez AGS lineup does the trick


The Steez is back! Though the sub-brand never really left the Steez rods that U.S. anglers have purchased were designed for the JDM market and have only been available in a few select rods. At the recent Bassmaster Classic Daiwa unveiled the 2021 Steez AGS Bass Rod Series, a completely redesigned lineup of flagship rods. Marc Mills, Daiwa's Field Marketing Manager, walked us through the newly redesigned line and gave us the inside scoop on some of the upgrades in this latest generation.


The new Steez rods feature both SVF Compile-X and Nanoplus construction


The new Steez AGS rods continue to make use of the company's proprietary carbon fiber AGS guides, which are the biggest differentiator in this series. The only other rod maker that Daiwa allows to use AGS guides is currently St. Croix.


"The new AGS guides helped us create rods that are at least 10% lighter than the previous generation," Marc explained. "These AGS guides are 40% lighter than the equivalent sized titanium guide, and new for this year we have transitioned from ceramic to silicon carbide inserts for even better weight and durability."


The AGS guides feature a solid carbon fiber frame that is designed to minimize weight, improve casting distance, improve rod speed, reduce angler fatigue, and improve overall rod sensitivity.


"The One" is a Steez AGS rod designed specifically for U.S. finesse techniques. The rods is 7'6" in length and features a long rear split grip section for balance and leverage


The new Steez blanks have also been improved feature SVF Compile X which makes use of a higher volume of fiber and less resin, creating a lighter, stronger and more sensitive blank than standard blank constructions. Complementing the SVF Compile X is Daiwa's Nanoplus which is also a proprietary technology that allows the Daiwa to create even distribution of resin and carbon throughout the construction, which in turn creates a more powerful, and sensitive blank.


The AGS guides are now lighter and more durable with tightly woven carbon fiber and silicon carbide inserts


These new rods also utilize X45, a 45 degree construction that prevents twisting of the blank for greater strength, sensitivity and hook setting power. Reels are secured via "Air Sensor" Reel Seats, which Marc explained are constructed from the same Zaion used in many of the company's other high-end products. This helps create a very light and sensitive ergonomic connection with the angler.


The "Air Sensor" reel seat is made out of Zaion


One of the cool things about the new series is that each of the rods now have a "concept" name which is designed to give the rod some additional character and highlight what the rod is specifically designed for. Unlike the previous generation rods that were primarily designed for the JDM market these new Steez AGS rods were created specifically with U.S. applications in mind. This is why the lengths are generally longer, and the tapers match many more domestic applications.


I was excited to pair the new Steez AGS "One" rod up with the classic Steez reel


I was excited to fish "The One," a Steez spinning rod specifically designed for finesse applications including drop shot, neko, and ned. Feeling nostalgic I brought my Steez spinning reel out of retirement for this pairing. It balanced out beautifully.


The rods make use of a machined clamp grip that is finished with a soft touch surface

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