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Electronics Accessory Review

Stains and Streaks be gone with Wave Away Sonar & GPS Screen Cleaner


Date: 5/19/10
Tackle type: Electronics Accessory
Manufacturer: Wave Away
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.00 - GREAT

 Ever look at your GPS and fishfinder and all you see are a myriad of water spots on your the screen? I know that I have but for the most part I have simply accepted it as a necessary evil in the sport of bass fishing. The only cleaning effort Iíve made in the past coming in the form of a quick wipe with a t-shirt and a bit of water. Unfortunately this often only creates streaks. Wave Away is a new cleaning product that is designed to wipe away stubborn stains from onboard electronics and optics.


Wave Away Sonar and GPS Cleaner Specifications

Material Fluid (alcohol and ammonia free)
Volume 2.7oz.
Applicator Spray
Cloth Microfiber
Cloth Size 12" x 12"
Number of Applications 200+
Features Resists dripping, no harsh detergents, removes waterspots
MSRP $14.95

Wave Away is a new product designed to clean sonar and GPS screens

Impressions: If you own a boat outfitted with electronics you have surely experienced your screens covered with water stains. Iím as guilty as anyone when it comes to cleaning electronics. At home or before trips I have used ammonia based cleaners with a common paper towel and when Iím on the boat I have pretty much used anything that was accessible including a t-shirt and even water from the lake, all of which usually just results in streaking. If you have done the same you may have noticed the resulting streaking almost looks colored under different lighting conditions making it even harder to read the data streaming across the screen. This is because most fishfinders and GPS units have protective coatings or anti-glare layering in order to protect and make reading the displays easier under direct sunlight.

The product is endorsed by FLW National Guard Pro Brent Ehrler

Harsh cleaners, including ammonia based ones, can strip away these layers and paper towels and rough cloths can also scratch the displays over time. Wave Away is designed specifically for safely and effectively cleaning these devices and comes bundled with a 12Ē x 12Ē microfiber cloth that is intended to remove everything from water stains to dust and grime without causing abrasion to the surface of the screen.

In addition to the actual cleaning spray each package contains a microfiber cloth

Kits like this have existed for quite some time in the consumer electronics market where people have used similar products to address dust on laptop computer screens, in fact Apple endorses a screen cleaner called iKlear for use on their products. If your reading this review then no doubt youíre on a computer, and chances are your screen has some dust particles and maybe a few fingerprint smudges, unlike traditional screen cleaners Wave Away needs to deal with all of this as well as harsher elements than what most traditional  monitors would ever encounter.

The spray bottle is good for many applications

Real World Tests: To test the Wave Away Sonar and GPS cleaner I went about my normal business fishing off two different bass boats allowing water stains to accumulate normally on both the forward and console electronics. I also tested the product on a variety of sunglasses from brands including Smith and Costa.

A macro look at the microfiber cloth

Operation: Wave Away comes in a 2.7Ē mini spray bottle that is easy enough to carry on board the boat at all times. I also carried the bottle and microfiber cloth in my rod locker for a period of three months as well and also brought it with me when fishing from a friendís boat out at Clear Lake. Through multiple trips we allowed water drops and grit to amass on both the bow mounted fishfinder as well the console GPS/Fishfinder unit. As expected the front mounted unit took on more water stains at a much faster rate than the console unit.

It couldn't be more simple, just spray on...

When it came time to clean the front unit a single spray was all that was necessary. The Wave Away fluid is much thicker than ammonia based cleaners and clings onto the screen without running. A few wipes with the blue microfiber cloth and the unit was absolutely spotless, every waterspot and bit of dust was effectively removed.

...and wipe off

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