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Line Review

How Does Berkley's Latest Attempt at a 100% Fluorocarbon Line Stack Up? (continued)

Field Tests: So, while Trilene Professional Grade Fluorocarbon is rated similar to other US market lines (meaning the product's breaking strength is well above its rated strength), when taking knot strength into account, it all evens out. Bolstered by this bit of assurance, all three of us spooled up different reels with both six and twelve pound test Berkley Trilene Professional Grade Fluorocarbon and took off for a bit of field testing on Pardee Lake, California.


Cal chose his ZPI Tuned Abu AE74 to test the 12 pound Trilene Pro Grade FC


Casting: Handling of the Trilene FC is somewhere middle of the pack as far as fluorocarbon lines go meaning it actually handles pretty well. It's certainly not as stiff or dense as Sunline Shooter but nor is it as soft and pliable as a mono. If you've ever handled Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon, it's fairly similar to that product. Casting was not an issue on baitcasting equipment but none of us tried it on spinning gear. While Trilene FC handles well, the six pound is still a bit wirey for our tastes with spinning gear.


Zander fished the 6 pound on a Daiwa Pixy


Sensitivity: As with all the better handling fluorocarbon lines, sensitivity is not as good as say, Sunline Shooter or Sugoi FC, but it is still pretty good and certainly better than monofilament. Just the same, if the ultimate in sensitivity is your goal, you'd be better off with a different line. However, if you're willing to sacrifice some sensitivity for easier handling and a more manageable cost to acquire, Trilene FC is definitely worthy.


Visibility above water for the clear color is fair if the lighting is right


Abrasion: Dragging jigs and jighead plastics along the rocky bottom of Pardee lake, we found no excessive needs to retie the Trilene FC. Even though the product lost some resistance when wet in our lab, this did not translate to excessive reties on the water. In fact, we found it quite respectable.


JIP threw the 12 pound on his Zillion 100SHLA


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