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A behind the scenes look at the new and improved Tackle Warehouse (continued)


As we resumed the tour Rich pointed out some of the eco-friendly features within the building itself. Originally this facility was a distribution center for Copelands, and when the facility was procured plans were put in place to make their new home as green friendly as possible. In fact the building is so “green” it has received recognition from the local government.


The building is geothermally cooled and heated, and during the day lighting is provided via tubular skylights


For starters the entire building is geothermally cooled and heated, a network of pipes runs deep below the building and throughout the structure helping maintain a consistent temperature which is not only comfortable for employees but good for the storage of product as well. Electricity for lighting is reduced to a minimum as tubular skylights were installed throughout the second story to pipe in natural light. As a result the office has a very “natural” feel to it and is able to cut energy usage down during peak operating hours.


A look at the new packing area where orders are checked and processed for shipment


As we continued the tour we checked out the picking and packing area and the team has this process down to a science. Orders placed on Tackle Warehouse before 2:30 Pacific Time ship the same business day and there was a flurry of activity as employees put together orders for customers even while we visited on the weekend.


TW makes use of thicker and longer rod tubes to ensure rods are protected during shipping


Tackle Warehouse is all about the details and also makes use of higher grade packing materials including thicker and longer rod tubes, and even though it costs them more due to dimensional weight it helps ensure that customers get their products in perfect condition.


Tackle Warehouse's Warehouse Manager Julian oversees the operations (and is apparently a Giants fan too)


The new warehouse is gigantic in comparison to the previous facility and this has allowed TW to not only bring in more goods but larger items as well, including marine products like trolling motors and power poles. Rich explained that the new facility has really enabled the company to expand their offerings to better cater to anglers coast to coast as well as some internationally.


The new facility has a lot more room enabling TW to bring in more brands and categories of products...


...including more apparel and heavy items


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