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Apparel Review

Flip-Flopping Perceptions with the Simms EbbTide Sandals

Date: 10/9/13
Tackle type: Apparel
Manufacturer: Simms
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.00 - GREAT

Introduction: Flip flops are great on the beach but everyday fishing in sandals? As it turns out that there are quite a few anglers that enjoy sporting a pair of flip flops when targeting both freshwater and saltwater species. Personally I have always liked sandals for walking around on the weekend or making a quick trip to the grocery store but I never really employed them as a primary choice while fishing, but that isnít to say that I donít know a lot of anglers that enjoy sporting a pair of sandals on their bay or bass boats, often citing just how comfortable they are to stand in for long periods.


Is there any apparel that Simms doesn't make now? Meet the EbbTide sandals


There are many companies out there that market sandals and Simms joins the mix with their EbbTide Flips. Just how much can you say about a pair of flip flops? That was exactly what I was thinking when I decided to purchase a pair at Tackle Warehouse for review. But the longer I fished in these sandals the more I appreciated just what the company put into the design of this seemingly simple class of footwear.


Simms EbbTide Flip Specifications

Material Rubber insoles, EVA midsoles, die cut eva footbeds
Sizes Mens whole sizes 8-13, Width D
Colors Earth, Simms Orange, Coal

Non-marking siped rubber outsole for superior traction on boat decks, Molded EVA midsole for comfort and support, Die cut EVA footbed, Synthetic water-resistant upper for all weather & environment use

Origin Imported
MSRP $49.95

The soles of the EbbTide feature siped rubber construction

Impressions: Flip-flops as they are known in the U.S. are a class of open toed sandals typically worn in casual outdoor situations, like walking on the beach or around the pool. The basic formula of a flat sole and a Y-shaped strap has been around for thousands of years and the modern flip flops gained popularity in the states after the Japanese zōri was brought over in the mid 1940ís. The actual name ďflip-flopĒ originated from the sound that the footwear made when slapping the foot and floor during each step.

The midsole and upper feature EVA construction

Had enough trivia? Today flip flops are common in just about any drugstore or market and can be purchased for as little as 5 to 10 dollars a pair. But like just about every product out there not all flip flops are created equal, and Simms sought to design a pair of sandals that provided superior comfort and durability for anglers. While most cheap flip flops are constructed out of rubber, foam and plastic the EbbTide features a combination of more robust materials including rubber outsoles, EVA midsoles and EVA footbeds.  

After months of use you can see some compression of the EVA but the structure remains intact

As you might expect the EbbTide is covered with Simms branding and is available in earthy colors that matches up with the companyís other products. The soles are non marking siped rubber for better traction on boat decks and the upper portion of the sandal is synthetic so that it is water resistant and can be used in a wide range of weather conditions.

Simms branding even on the sole

Real World Tests: I began this test by fishing on the deck of my bass boat for a few months and really didnít have a lot to say about these sandals. Sure they were comfortable but I really felt that I wasnít doing enough to stress the capabilities of the EbbTide. I was just about to the point of cancelling this write-up when I buckled down to expand the real world tests and started using them on my shore fishing, but it was only on my recent trip to the Big Island of Hawaii that I really felt satisfied that the EbbTide had been put through the paces.

These sandals provided a surprising amount of grip even on wet surfaces

Operation: Common flip flops often have the problem of being too flexible or not providing a stable enough platform to stand on for long periods. Part of the issue is that these traditional flip flops have completely flat soles and since our feet certainly are not flat they can feel uncomfortable or not provide nearly enough support, leading to fatigue or a myriad of other troubles including over-pronation and even tendonitis. Simms helps combat this by building a more stable platform that is ergonomically shaped to provide additional comfort and support. The extra material needed to achieve this makes the EbbTide heavier than your run of the mill sandals and my size ten test pair weighed in right at 16oz.

great for beach fishing the EbbTide also dries quickly and should they come off they also float

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