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Enthusiast Review


Fulfill Your Destiny With Shimano's 2015 Metanium DC (continued)

Drag: The Metanium DC features Shimano's old school, single disk drag system. That is, a single composite washer inside the main gear, but also one on the back side of the main gear. the result is very smooth performance validated by the reel's performance on The Machine. The reel's Sweet Drag Performance chart below shows very smooth and consistent performance except when approaching lock down force. Every reel is erratic at this setting.

Fig 1: The Sweet Drag Performance chart above shows the consistency in drag performance of our
Shimano Japan 15 Metanium DC .

Out on the water, the Metanium DC's drag performed very well when needed though I did not test the reel's lock down maximum drag of nearly 14 pounds of pressure. I rarely fish my reels on lockdown because I'm never in a hurry to horse a fish to the boat.

The Met DC has a retro, Shimano fighting dragstar.

Sweet Drag Performance for Shimano Japan 15 Metanium DC (#.# Turns to Lockdown)

Lock - 8
Lock - 6
Lock - 4
Lock - 2
Avg % Change
Start Up
Lowest Value
Change in Startup vs Sustained
Biggest Drop from Sustained
Drag on this reel was tested with the dragstar fully tightened. Then with each successive test, the drag was backed off with two short pushes of the dragstar with our thumb.

Power: The Metanium DC's Micro-Module Gearing delivers very good power to the point you can easily use this as a cranking reel for those super deep divers. Additionally, 6.2:1 is the new "slow" retrieve with this reel's top end being an 8.5:1 retrieve ratio reel - we did not fish this model

This reel features Shimano's Micro-Modulus gearing system.

The supplied 84 mm handle is good length for general purpose applications and provides sufficient leverage for just about any application you wish to employ with the reel.

The Metanium DC's i-DC5 braking system is far more dynamic than past DC systems.

Casting Range: My experience with DC reels is they've always been good with general purpose baits, but not very good casting baits below three eighths of an ounce (3/8oz) or in low speed pitching presentations. The Metanium DC changes that game with settings designed to handle baits at different weights and each according to the specific type of line you have spooled on the reel.

This dial located at the bottom front of the non-handle sideplate let's you set the brake force depending on the approximate weight of the lure you have tied on.

Hidden at the top of the non-handle sideplate is a dial that has three settings (N = Nylon : PF = Braid : F = Fluoro) from which to select the type of line you have spooled on the reel. Once you've established this setting and closed the reel back up, there's a separate dial under the front edge of the non-handle sideplate with settings from one to four (1-4) depending on the approximate weight of the lure you have tied on.


But this dial located at the top of the nonhandle sideplate, but hidden when that plate is closed, tells the DC system what type of line you're using.

This dial is a little counter intuitive as the smallest number, 1, is for the heavier lures (18-30grams) and the largest number, 4, is for the lightest lures (5-8grams). So the Metanium DC is essentially designed for lures between five to thirty (5-30 grams) or roughly three sixteenths of an ounce to one full ounce (3/16 oz - 1 oz).

Mounted on an Edge Black Widow drop shot rod for some tests with light weight lures.

To test the Metanium DC's lower settings, I respooled it with some six pound (6lb) PLine PF Original copoly and mounted it on the casting version of Edge Rod's former Black Widow drop shot rod (6100-1). This stick is rated from one eighth to one quarter ounce (1/8-1/4oz) in lure weight. I then tied an Owner #2 Mosquito hook to the end of the line and tipped the hook with a Jackall Crosstail Shad bait - total weight of this rig? Three grams (3g).

The Met DC sits low on the rod and is very easy to palm.

With the Metanium DC's brake dial set at four (4), I was able to cast this, in a cross wind, from about thirty to forty feet (30'-40'). Almost fishable distances, but of course, a lure range under the reel's design. So I took the Crosstail Shad off, dug around my tackle bag and found some Zoom BrushHogs. Total weight of this lure with the hook is seven grams (7g) - perfect. I felt an immediate difference with this change of 4 grams and was able to cast the Brushhog fifty to sixty feet (50'-60') and pitch to about forty feet (40') with minimal effort and in a cross wind. That's the lowest I've been able to go with any DC reel I've fished in the past.

Taking the reel apart begins with removal of the non-handle sideplate and spool.

Brakes: All this is made possible by Shimano's latest digital cast control system, i-DC5. And as if the manual selection settings of one to four (1-4) weren't enough, the i-DC5 system also has another setting, "A" for automatic! So if you don't want to take the time to dial in the manual setting that best suits the lure weight you're using, you can set the dial to A and let the brake system figure it out for you automatically.

Each knob is supported by two bearings.

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