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Rod Review

CB Rod Wars Part 12: The Cumara Reaction Rods up the ante for Shimano (continued)


Real World Tests: To test the Cumara Reaction rods we fished a variety of hardbaits at Clear Lake and the California Delta. Though the rods are specifically designed for either soft or hard cover we made a point to fish the rods in both and with a variety of lures, some of which were outside the various recommended ranges of our three test rods. During these tests we paired the Cumara Reaction rods with a wide assortment of reels including Curados, Chronarchs and even the new Core 50mg.

With a DD22 tied on we test the rods


Casting: The Cumara Reaction Series rods are decent casters and felt right in the middle of the spectrum during testing. Unlike rods made of glass where we could really load up and whip lures the Cumara rods felt stiffer and more about accuracy than distance. The one rod that really stood out in terms of distance was the CUC711MH which could absolutely catapult 1oz. lures without any effort at all.


The Cumara Reaction Rods make use of high quality Fuji SiC guides


Retrieving: The Cumara can be compared with the Daiwa Steez in some respects, both are designed to offer superior sensitivity with graphite but still deliver the parabolic action of glass. While the Daiwa Steez is more ornate and definitely has more enthusiast appeal it also does mimic glass better, the Cumara Reaction Series never lets you forget that it is graphite but is no less effective when it comes to loading up properly and preventing hooks from being torn out of fish during the battle.


The Cumara CUC70H surprised us as it was able to cast even the largest crankbaits with ease


When I started the tests I liked the CUC76ML for fishing speed traps on the Delta, I preferred the CUC70H for fishing medium diving cranks, and I really liked the CUC711MH for tossing the Norman DD22 deep diving crankbaits that I am so fond of. I found the rods to feel very precise with a wide range of baits and though they responded much like other crankbait rods once a fish was hooked. When working lures they felt crisper and a whole lot less sloppy than normal glass cranking sticks.


The rods feature a tiny 3/5" foregrip which

It was these attributes that inspired me to start working surface baits like buzzbaits and poppers with the rods. Both the CUC76ML and the CUC711MH felt out of their element but the CUC70H felt right at home with a buzzbait or even a spook or popper tied on. The wide range of retrieve capabilities of the CUC70H shone even brighter when I tied on a Norman DD22. While I was not able to cast as far as with the longer CUC711MH the rod didnít feel stressed at all even when deep cranking.

The CUC70H keeps fish pinned on with a forgiving tip while the strong butt section makes it easy to turn fish


Sensitivity: The Cumara Reaction Series are among the most sensitive crankbait rods we have tested. Along with some of the JDM offerings and the Daiwa Steez Fle-X-Lite the Cumara Reaction Series rates high in terms of sensitivity. Sensitivity isnít always one of the categories anglers rate high up on their list when looking at cranking rods. Sure the rod has to be sensitive enough to allow anglers to differentiate varying types of cover, but being a reaction bait rod feeling bites is not as much of an issue when fish hook themselves.


Loaded up its quite impressive what Shimano was able to do with graphite alone when it comes to parabolic action

That being said it is an added value when a crankbait rod is more sensitive as it helps anglers navigate structural hazards more effectively. The Cumaraís custom split reel seat design provides plenty of access to the rodís IM-10 blank making it easy to detect any changes in the action of the bait, and the sheer light weight of the rod only adds to that responsive feel.

The Cumara Reaction rods feature a more traditional wire hook keeper


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