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Lure Review

The Secret is out – Secret Weapon Lures revolutionizes Spinnerbaits (continued)

Picking the right combination: Some anglers actually build their own spinnerbaits from scratch, there are others that are fiercely brand loyal, and then there are those that find confidence in buying a bait endorsed by a tournament pro. Whatever the case may be once you are on the water you are pretty much on your own when it comes to selecting the right spinner. It is up to you to pick the right size, blade style, and pattern for your particular body of water. With the Secret Weapon Spinners anglers have the ability to not only match up the exact weight, size, pattern, and blade style but they can retool on the fly should conditions change. As with all baits little things can make a big difference when it comes to successfully catching fish. Anglers new to spinnerbaits may be intimidated by the sheer number of options available with the SWL system. For those anglers the company has a number of simple easy to use charts (below) that specify which colors, blade styles, and blade sizes they recommend for different applications.


Secret Weapon heads come in a variety of different shapes and sizes


Spinnerbait Color Selection

Lighting Conditions Water Clarity Lure Body Front Blade Rear Blade
Sunny Crystal Clear Naturals Nickel, White
Clear Naturals, Light Colored Gold, Nickel, Red Nickel
Light Stain All (experiment)
Heavy Stain Bright or Dark None, Gold, Colors Gold, Colors
Muddy Chartreuse, Fl. Red, Black None Chartreuse, Fl. Red, Black
Overcast Crystal Clear Naturals Nickel, White
Clear Naturals, Light Colors Gold, Colors Nickel
Light Stain Bright, Chartreuse Gold, Colors
Heavy Stain Chartreuse, Fl. Red, Black None Chartreuse, Fl. Red, Black
Muddy Black None Black
Night, Full Moon, or
Dock Lights
Crystal Clear Dark, Black None Black, Gold, Nickel
Clear Dark, Black None Black, Gold
Light Stain Black None Black
Heavy Stain Black None Black
Muddy Black None Black
Night, No Moon All Black None Black


Spinnerbait Blade Shape Selection

Blade Characteristics Colorado Turtleback Indiana Willowleaf
Relative running depth Shallow Med. Shallow Medium Deep
Relative weedless & snagless abilities Low Low Moderate High
Angle of rotating blade to shaft 60 degrees 55 degrees 45 degrees 30 degrees
Relative visibility from the side Low Low Moderate High
Relative visibility from front or back High High Moderate Low
Relative water resistance High High Moderate Low
Relative vibration & sound output volume High High Medium Low
Relative rotation speed Slow Slow Medium Fast
Relative frequency of sound output Low Low Medium High


Spinnerbait Attachment Chart

Configuration Lure Weight Front Blade Rear Blade



 Tandem Willowleaf


3/16 ounce 1.5 Colorado 3.5 Willowleaf
5/16 ounce 2 Colorado 4.5 Willowleaf
9/16 ounce 2 Colorado 5 Willowleaf
13/16 ounce 3 Colorado 5 Willowleaf



 Double Willowleaf


3/16 ounce 3 Willowleaf 3.5 Willowleaf
5/16 ounce 3.5 Willowleaf 4.5 Willowleaf
9/16 ounce 3.5 Willowleaf 5 Willowleaf
13/16 ounce 3.5 Willowleaf 5 Willowleaf


 Tandem Turtleback 3/16 ounce 1.5 Colorado 3 Turtleback
5/16 ounce 2 Colorado 4.5 Turtleback
9/16 ounce 2 Colorado 4.5 Turtleback
13/16 ounce 3 Colorado 4.5 Turtleback



 Double Colorado 


3/16 ounce 1.5 Colorado 3 Colorado
5/16 ounce 2 Colorado 4 Colorado
9/16 ounce 2 Colorado 5 Colorado
13/16 ounce 3 Colorado 6 Colorado



 Tandem Indiana


3/16 ounce 1.5 Colorado 4 Indiana
5/16 ounce 2 Colorado 6 Indiana
9/16 ounce 2 Colorado 7 Indiana
13/16 ounce 3 Colorado 7 Indiana


Attaching a Colorado blade to the wire


Pro Packs have plenty of blade choices


A skirt to match every head...and more


A SWL head is ready to receive a silicon skirt


Casting: Once you have chosen what you believe to be the right combination its time to cast your customized bait. All but the smallest spinners are easy to cast with even heavier 12-14lb mono lines. The SWL spinners have the ability to cast even further by adding more weight via the attachment of larger blades. Throughout our tests the SWL spinners were easy to cast directly into the wind. Positioning of spinnerbaits is important as many anglers take advantage of the lure's ability to run weedless through thick structure. It is important to note that if you do choose to use large Colorado or Turtleback blades they are still considered “weedless,” but are much more likely to hang up in weeds than a Willowleaf blade.  


Next Section: Let's get to fishing the Secret Weapon!










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