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Lure Review


Shake Rattle and Sting'em with Salmo's Rattlin' Sting Jerkbait


Date: 2/2/20
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Salmo
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.75 - GOOD

Salmo Performance Fishing Lures out of Poland has been in the fishing lure business since the early 1990s and only recently begun spreading their influence to North American shores. Relying upon a staff of fishery biologists and anglers alike, they bring their unique insights and experience into the business of helping us catch more fish. Today we take a look at their Rattlin' Sting Jerkbait.


Salmo Rattlin' Sting Jerkbait Specifications

Type Jerkbait
Length 3.5"
Weight 2/5oz
Depth 3ft
Material Plastic
Colors 8
Hooks Mustad KVD Triple Grip Treble Hooks
MSRP $10.99


Introducing Salmo's Rattlin' Sting Jerkbait


Impressions: Salmo's Rattlin' Sting Jerkbait comes in a typical minnow profile and is actually made in three different sizes (6, 9, & 12 centimeters) with two behaviors each (floating & suspending). Unsure as to their reception in North America, the company has only brought over the 9 centimeter size in suspending behavior (9cm converts to roughly 3.5 inches). It's a somewhat smaller jerkbait than I'm accustomed to throwing but also a good multi bass species size for our waters.

Salmo actually makes this bait in 3 sizes but has only made the "9" available in North America for now

Real World Tests: I fished Salmo's Rattlin' Sting Jerkbait (RSJ) on a few different testing trips and paired it with a variety of rod and reel combos as one of my rotational test lures. Most recently, I fished it on board a Shimano SLX casting reel paired with a matching medium heavy SLX casting rod. The reel was spooled with my last supply of Finatic Pro Series, 6 strand braid.

The RSJ features an oversized head with oversized eyes

Castability: Inside the Salmo RSJ are a series of rattles. You can hear them if you secure the bait's hooks and shake it in your hand. It sounds like a couple of large bearings mixed in with a series of smaller ones. These rattles double as a weight transfer system. When you swing for your cast, the bearings slide to the back of the lure in the direction of flight giving the bait very good forward momentum to effect good casting distance.

The diving bill looks somewhat standard

It's certainly not rocket science as most every hard bait manufacturer employs a similar strategy, but it is especially helpful when present in skinny and light little lures like jerkbaits. Of course, getting the bait where you want is only part of the task at hand.

The real proof in a jerkbait's worth is what it does when you pull it with the tip of your rod. For Salmo's RSJ, it's all good. The bait begins to sink on splash down at rate of roughly one foot per two seconds.

Until you notice the sharp break in angle

Count it down to the desired depth, snap that rod tip and the RSJ flashes its side and darts off in one direction. Employ a series of snaps and it moves around erratically. Pause, and depending on its depth, the bait will either stop nose down and continue to fall, or sit in a neutral position and suspend for a moment before it slowly begins to sink once again.

Hooks are Mustad KVD Triple Grip trebles (there are two per bait)

If you're using a floating line, like I was, the bait's position in the water while paused can be affected. Dropped next to the boat, it's interesting to watch the bait first descend nose down, and then at about 4 feet, give or take a foot, the tail falls rotating the bait to a more neutral position. After a small bit, the bait will continue to fall, but if you're using a floating line, the head will stay up and the tail will fall. It's probably best to fish this bait with fluorocarbon.

Finishes are pretty status quo

Design/Ergonomics: The bait is equipped with two Mustad KVD Triple Grip treble hooks that do a very good job of keeping your fish buttoned once hit. For now, the RSJ is available in eight colors but Salmo likely has more in its repertoire they can unleash should conditions warrant. What I'd like to see is the 12cm (~4.75") size make it across the Atlantic and into our stores.

I kind of like this practice on a bait. Sure helps eliminate those "what's this" questions several weeks down the line

Price & Application: Salmo's RSJ 9 is available right now for the price of $10.99 and is as capable a jerkbait as I've fished. Their products, with the oversized eyes and seemingly simplistic color patterns may seem run of the mill, but so far, what I've sampled shows the company knows what they are doing because their lures catch fish.


Salmo Rattlin' Sting Jerkbait Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Not the most impressive bait out of the package 8
Performance But cast it and work it and your opinion may very well change 9
Price A little on the high side of average 7.5
Features Weight transfer for casting, name brand, quality hooks 7.5
Design (Ergonomics) Simple color patterns, but staples nonetheless 7
Application Another good jerkbait option 7.5

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Easy bait to cast - We want the 12cm version too!
+ Enticing darting action  
+ Truly suspends  
+ Name brand hooks  

I like this bait. Bring over that 12cm and the Salmo RSJ will likely make it into my regular rotation of favorite jerkbaits to fish

Conclusion: We get pretty excited over here at TackleTour when a new jerk/rip bait product comes across our desks. I wasn't sure what to expect from this odd looking little jerkbait, but after tying it on, tossing it out, and ripping them up, I'm sold. It's not very impressive out of the water, but get it wet and the fish will tell you otherwise. The available 9cm size is just a tad small for my liking. Bring over that 12cm and the Salmo RSJ will likely make it into my regular rotation of favorite jerkbaits to fish.


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