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Lure Review

River2Sea's Dahlberg Diver Frog Kicks Bass


Date: 6/5/11
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: R2S
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.08 - INNOVATION AWARD!

Larry Dahlberg knows how to catch big fish and has created an arsenal of lures to aid him in his lifelong quest. The Dahlberg Diver Frog is one of Larry’s special creations and is designed to entice big bass to strike with a special leg kicking action. Featuring a distinctive diving collar design this frog is quite unlike the hollow bodied lures most frog fishermen are used to walking.


River2Sea Larry Dahlberg Diver Frog Specifications

Class Top water
Material High density urethane
Colors/Patterns 4 available
Size 6" (fully extended)
Hook size 6/0 double hook
Price $11.99




Impressions: Last ICAST River2Sea made headlines with the introduction of a range of baits designed by Larry Dahlberg. Larry met with us at the show and introduced a number of lures from his secret stash that he had partnered up with R2S to make available to the public.


River2Sea has partnered with legendary angler Larry Dahlberg to release the Diver Frog


Those of you that have watched Larry's "Hunt for Big Fish" show or met him at regional fishing shows know that he is not just an accomplished angler but a true scholar of the sport. Larry doesn't just want to catch fish he tries to figure out what makes them really tick and has spent countless hours in his workshop tweaking and designing new lures to target a wide range of species from Largemouth to Peacocks. Some of these lures include the recently introduced WideGlide, Clacking Crawfish, and Diver Frog.


The LDDF (Larry Dahlberg Diver Frog) is available in four colors: Black, Brown, Green, and Lime


The Larry Dahlberg Diving Frog, or what we call the LDDF, is a unique looking frog that features long soft legs, attached to a hard high density urethane body, and is equipped with a single R2S 2X strong 6/0 wide gap hook that is positioned right in the rear-center of the frog. This hook is made weedless with a very odd shaped plastic collar that extends upwards from the front of the frog to right in front of the hook in the center of the body. The bait certainly looks very different than the streamlined design found on traditional hollow bodied frogs, and some might describe it as downright weird.


Retail packaging includes an extra set of legs


The LDDS weighed in close to 1oz. in the lab and when the long soft legs are fully extended the lure measures 6" in length. There are four patterns available which are basically two shades of green, a brown bodied frog, and a black and yellow combination.


A look at the profile, what the heck is that weedguard...

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