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Reel Review


Quantum's Colorful Accurist S3 Spinning Reel (continued)

Power: The Accurist S3 spinning reel comes with a gear ratio of 5.2:1. For the 30 size, this equates to between 19 to 31 inches of pick up per turn of the handle depending on how much line you have out on your cast. This is the rough equivalent of a 7.1:1 retrieve casting reel (e.g. a 7.1:1 Daiwa's Tatula SV TW picks up between 17.5 - 29 inches of line per turn of the handle).

Retrieve ratio is 5.2:1

That amount of IPT is rarely associated with a lot of cranking power, but the Accurist S3 spinning reel held its own when I tested it pulling some medium and deep running crankbaits just for fun. I still prefer the more direct pulling angle of a casting reel for these types of baits, but for those who don't the Accurist S3 spinning reel is a good option.

A look at the reel's drag dial

Bail Operation: This reel is equipped with a nickel titanium bail wire that's very flexible but more importantly, the actual operation of the bail itself is reliable. It snaps back into open position readily, and back into closed position with a reassuring "snap" whether you close by hand or with the turn of the handle. I did not have any of those half closed issues I've experienced in the past with the more affordable reels of yesteryear.

The line roller benefits from the support of one bearing

Line Twist: The Accurist S3 spinning reel comes with one bearing under the line roller and handles the unavoidable issue of line twist about average. I did discover a loop or two in my line poking out of the spool while fishing the reel, but nothing unmanageable. You just have to consciously pay attention to the likelihood of this outcome throughout the day.

Line twist issues are no worse or no better with this reel - average

Design & Ergonomics: As mentioned at the beginning of this review, Quantum offers their Accurist S3 spinning reels in four different color schemes. It's a fun way to build some unique looking combos and change things up a bit in your arsenal. If you're a spinning combo aficionado and want to have a little fun, you can color code your technique specific combos.

The reel has a standard depth spool

If there's one thing I don't like about this reel, it's the overall weight. The 30 size Accurist S3 spinning reel tipped our scales at 9.2 ounces. It's quite hefty yes, but not unreasonable considering the reel's price point.

As with just about every spinning reel line twists are inevitable. You just need to watch your line and clear out loops like this when you see them

Price & Applications: As a general purpose spinning reel, Quantum's Accurist S3 is a decent option especially at its price point of $79.99. Affordable spinning reels have come a long way in performance, and this one is a prime example of that.

Quantum's Accurist S3 spinning reel is a good value at $79.99

Overall the Accurist reels perform slightly above the price point, and they certainly look like they could easily retail for over $99 dollars. They don't have some of the smooth feel and refinement of some competing reels that are similarly priced but the fact that they are available in four colors gives anglers some additional options to really customize their combos, match their boat, or favorite team.

With clean lines and a solid overall construction the Accurist can be used as a good workhorse reel for bass and panfish applications. If it was lighter it would be a more viable option for finesse and trout applications.


Quantum Accurist S3 Spinning Reel Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Clean lines and solid overall construction but some areas of the real do make obvious use of plastics 7
Performance Good performing reel overall. It fishes like a reel that could easily cost a hundred dollars or more 8
Price Tough to beat price point. Value reels have come a long way and the fact that Quantum gives anglers multiple color choices in this price range is impressive 8
Features Back Reeling lever, bearing supported line roller, nickel titanium bail... everything you would expect in a reel at this price range. The biggest feature is the multiple color choices 7
Design (Ergonomics) Available in 4 distinct color patterns, but a little heavy overall 7
Application A good choice for an all purpose type spinning reel for targeting largemouth bass. Smaller and lighter options would make the reel easier to recommend for finesse applications 7

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Color options are fun - Just a little heavy
+ Solid performer  
+ Attractive Price Point  

Looking for an affordable spinning reel that you can use for a variety of applications? The Accurist S3 may not be the most refined reel but it has personality and is definitely worth the money

Conclusion: As the clashing colors in this review will attest, I was caught a little unprepared to receive this little baby blue wonder in the Accurist S3 spinning reel. Rather than wait to acquire all the necessary components to build a more photogenic combo, the real priority was to move forward and fish the reel so I could complete this review. What I can say is that even though the reel is a bit on the heavy side, and lacks some of the refinement of other reels that retail just a bit more, if you're looking for an affordable reel that is available in some fun eye-catching colors then the Quantum's Accurist S3 spinning reel is certainly worth the price of admission.


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