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Lure Review

Dress Your Baits For Success with the Punch Skirt by Paycheck Baits (continued)

Carolina Rigging: Slide a stopper onto your leader line, add a Punch Skirt of your choice, tie on your favorite hook, and finally, rig up your favorite floating plastic bait and the end result is a floating jig running inches above the rocks, mud, or amongst the weeds as you drag your Carolina Punch Rig across the bottom. Stop your retrieve and the skirt flares out presenting a larger, more enticing profile to larger fish.

The punch skirt can be used to dress a weightless presentation like this or slipped onto the end of a Carolina rig.

Drop Shot: Add a stopper and skirt above your drop shot hook and you have the same effect as the Carolina Punch Rig only with the ability to fish vertically instead of horizontally.

A Bubba Shot dressed up with a punch skirt... are we fishing for bass or rock cod?

You can even add one to the front of a paddletail bait rigged with a weighted hook and have an instant swim-jig. The list can go on really. The Punch Skirt scores high points for its versatility.

Here's a close-up of how the Punch Skirt looks inline amidst a drop/bubba shot rig.

Durability: One of the issues attributing to the slow adoption rate of tungsten weights (aside from their high cost) early on was the tendency for these heavier and harder than lead weight products to crack the glass beads many anglers use between their weights and the hook (on a Texas rig) or swivel (on a Carolina rig). This is a somewhat serious consideration given that a cracked bead can easily fray your line or even cut it completely when you least expect it.

Shown here with a TruTungsten rubber peg and an Owner hook adorned with a screw on bait keeper.

We’re told the Punch Skirt’s bead is made from a high impact plastic material specifically chosen to resist the abuse a one and half ounce tungsten weight can inflict even if held fast by one or two rubber stoppers.

This Falcon Lake Bass fell victim to Texas Rigged Senko dressed with a Punch Skirt in "Money Maker".

To test the durability of these beads, we tried smashing one with a hammer. We were a little surprised to see the Punch Skirt’s beads held up just fine and in fact, it took several repeated impacts to finally flatten the bead a little and produce one small split on its outer edge. This is far more abuse than we could inflict on a bead while tied to the end of our line so we’d expect zero issues while fishing with the Punch Skirt product.

My favorite rig when testing the Shimano Cumulus Rod? A Punch Skirt dressed, Texas Rigged Senko.

If there is any area susceptible to wear with the Punch Skirt, that’d be in the silicone skirt itself. Much the same as any skirted product, the Punch Skirt’s silicone skirts are susceptible to thinning out after a few trips of fish catching fun. Note that in our experience, the skirts hold up just fine while fishing, it’s when you are actually fortunate enough to get on a bite with this product that you’ll notice the skirts thin out due to lost legs over time.

It took about 8 hits with a hammer to get the plastic bead of the Punch Skirt to split like this... far more abuse than it will see at the end of your line.



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