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Twilight of a new generation, Bassin' Young Guns Shoot it out at Pardee (continued)

Chris noticed waves crashing against the rocky shore which would play into his strength… jerkbaits. He tied on a large Lucky Craft Pointer 128 and started ripping from shore back to the boat with jerk-jerk-pause tempo. Cal tied on a Rago Smoothie swimbait and started casting in the same vicinity. The more erratic action of the Pointer 128 seemed to do he trick and it didn’t take more than five minutes for a four pound smallmouth to inhale the bait no more than a few feet away from the boat!

Chris kicks it off with three nice smallies in a row with the Pointer 128

Chris continued to work the Pointer down the bank and pulled out another fish, this time weighing 2.5lbs and about ten feet from the shore. Ten casts later Chris landed a third fish, this one also a four pound cookie cutter smallie. After working the area for a while longer they decided to give it a rest and head to another spot to try jigging once again.

After moving off the spot Chris is back for more...

It only took about 15 minutes of idle jigging time for them to turn the big motor on and make a big U-Turn and head right back to their previous ripping spot. Chris commented “when fishing for fun I’d rather catch one fish on a jerkbait than a limit on a jig.” Cal concurred.

This is a bigger one and Chris scrambles to get it into the boat

After returning to the same stretch of productive ripbait water it only took a few casts to draw another strike. When Chris hooked into the fourth fish he set hard and immediately knew he had a nicer fish on the line, unlike the other fish this one didn’t budge at all! “Please don’t come off,” Chris exclaimed as he tried to wind the fish in.

Without a net Chris makes a successful landing

As he guided it towards the boat he saw the smallmouth flash near the surface and it was then when he caught a glimpse of the fish’s huge belly. “That thing is huge, it’s a freak of nature,” Chris yelled as he tried to get it to the boat. He didn’t have a net on board so he tried to flip the fish in but the sheer weight of the fish made it difficult and his first attempt just rocketed the fish out of the water parallel to his boat. On his second attempt he successfully lifted the fish in while Cal snapped pictures.

"It's a freak of nature!" Chris exclaimed when he first saw the belly on this smallmouth beast

Chris was grinning ear to ear as he grabbed the fish by the belly, and what a huge belly it was. This fish was caught in shallow water and yet it had a massive bulging belly and it looked as if it had just gorged on a buffet of trout right before committing to the Pointer 128. “Zander is going to freak out when he finds out your ripping up fish like these,” Cal exclaimed.

Taylor works swimbaits slowly in deep water


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