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Event Article

Twilight of a new generation, Bassin' Young Guns Shoot it out at Pardee


Date: 1/31/10
Location: Lake Pardee, CA
Event Date: Jan 31, 2010
Reviewer: Zander

It is that time again, the annual media day hosted by Ultimate Bass radio talent Kent Brown kicks off the season at Lake Pardee, and this year the “Young Guns” came out to join the hunt for trophy smallmouth and quality largemouth at this premier Northern California fishing destination.



An annual tradition: TackleTour readers will remember that some of the biggest names in the business came out for last year’s media day event including Skeet Reese and Byron Velvick. Unfortunately last year’s harsh weather made fishing quite a challenge and while many fish were boated everyone didn’t get the same quality that we witnessed at that spectacular first event.

The eagle greets us at Jackson Rancheria, a great home base for those visiting nearby Lake Pardee

This year marks the third year that Kent Brown, with the help from the Pardee Resort and Jackson Rancheria, put together another memorable experience for all those involved.

Good morning Pardee, finally a day of no rain in Northern California

Over the last ten days leading up to the event the entire state of California was absolutely drenched. While many lakes up and down the state filled up with so much rain runoff that they turned "chocolate milk" in color Pardee remained clear. The lake is held at relatively consistent levels and even 5 plus inches of rain over the course of a few days does little if anything to alter the clarity of this lake. Thus the event was on, but the team here at TackleTour wasn’t sure if we would make it until the eleventh hour.

Taylor Parsons heads out to his favorite spots. Taylor grew up fishing the lake and considers Pardee one of his favorite destinations

Earlier in the week I had blew out my knee in an injury and Cal was trying to recover from a nasty bout of food poisoning, talk about bad timing for the TT Boys. On Thursday afternoon a MRI showed that there was no bone fractures just some muscle and ligament issues to deal with. Cal had successfully fought off the food poisoning and while neither of us was feeling a hundred percent there was no question about whether we were staying or going, after all who are we to mess with we tradition? With porch passes in hand we packed our tackle and headed to Jackson Rancheria to meet up with the Pros.

Back in the river section its cold and windy and takes a long time for the sun to rise over the steep hill

The calm before the storm, a storm new talent that is: Jackson Rancheria is just twenty minutes from the lake and would once again serve as home base for the event. Dinner was served to all the media and pros that attended and Kent officially opened the event by introducing everyone. This year there were many familiar pros in attendance including Dean McDaniel, Mark Lassagne, Alan Fong, Bub Tosh, Corey Fenske, RJ Bennet and Russ Graves just to name a few. What made this year different was the number of new rising stars that came out including Cody Meyer, Zach Thompson, Taylor Parsons, Matt Allen, and Chris Zaldain.

While it is brutally cold the bite is actually quite good early in the morning

Just like in the prior two annual events we would fish in two sessions with each outdoor writer fishing with one pro in the morning and another in the afternoon. I would fish with 2009 National Guard Co-Angler of the Year Taylor Parsons first then with Kent in the afternoon. Cal would fish with FLW Series National Guard Pro Chris Zaldain in the first session then later with Dean McDaniel. The stage was set and during the rest of the evening we enjoyed the good food and drink at Jackson Rancheria. Entertainment was courtesy of the storytelling of none other than Pro Angler and owner of Paycheck Baits, Bub Tosh. Suffice to say nobody really got any real amount of sleep before the event started.

Taylors jigs up a few smallies, this is his smallest of the day


Next Section: Let's see if we can get a trophy smallmouth









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