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Event Article: 2nd Annual Media Day

Top Pros Come out for Pardee -  2nd Annual Media Day


Date: 2/01/09
Location: Lake Pardee, California
Event Dates: Jan 31st - Feb 1st, 2008
Reviewer: Zander & Cal

Introduction: Sequels, especially in fishing, often have a difficult time living up to the original experience. Last year, bass pros and outdoor writers from across the country gathered at the first annual Lake Pardee media event and despite less than ideal weather conditions, managed some impressive fish including two smallmouth over nine pounds. Kent Brown, host of the Ultimate Bass radio show on 1140 AM in Northern California, was responsible for organizing the first event and when he contacted us to renew the invitation for 2009, well, letís just say he didnít have to ask twice.


Skeet Reese rolls in with his famed custom rig

So how do you guard against a let down from last yearís incredible event? How about cranking up the guest list with names like Byron Velvick, Robert Lee, Gary Dobyns, and Skeet Reese not to mention returning pros Greg Guiterrez, RJ Bennett, Bub Tosh, Dean McDaniel, Randy McAbee, Corey Fenske, Alan Fong, Mark Lassagne, and Russ Graves.

All vessels were inspected for invasive mussels

Just like last year, the event was kicked off the night before with a meet and greet dinner and overnight accommodations courtesy of Jackson Rancheria Casino. Itís here where Kent prepped the new participants of the event by reminiscing about last yearís success and then shared organizational details including what time to be at the gate and who would be fishing with whom. It was a very lively crowd with the pros exchanging jokes, jabs, and colorful stories from 2008 and years prior.

A quagga sniffing dog inspects Skeet's rig

The TackleTour pairings for the first half of the day? Zander would be fishing with Gary Dobyns, and Cal with Byron Velvick. We were excited and though it was hard to sleep with all the anticipation we managed three hours before heading to the lake.

On the water before the sun rises Gary Dobyns rigs his rods. Yes, Zander and Gary had donuts for breakfast. Dobyns has a reputation to uphold after all

On the morning of the event, the pros gathered with their boats at the gate shortly before dawn and again like last year, Fish and Game wardens were on hand to inspect each boat to make sure they were all clean and dry doing their best to guard against infestation by the invasive quagga and zebra muscles.

The sun rises and Gary starts fishing on Pardee, a lake he has never fished before

Pardee owners Richard and Kerry Cooper were on hand to greet us at the gate and share with us the news that the former ban on boats registered in Santa Clara County is now lifted. Thatís right, if you live in Santa Clara County and were disappointed by your exclusion from East Bay MUD lakes last year, you are now welcomed to return. Whatís more, Richard tells us inspections will now only be held on weekends and holidays at Lake Pardee. Welcome back Santa Clara!

With a tough bite Gary turns to wacky rigged senkos for a bite...

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