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Event Article

TackleTour in the JDM - Lake Biwa, Japan (continued)

Suppose BASS, FLW, or another tournament organization - maybe one in Japan - decided to hold an International Open on Lake Biwa. Timing of the event would be in the spring, but as this trip demonstrated, there's no guarantee it would be a typical spring bite. Also, due to travel restrictions, each angler participating in the tournament would be allowed no more than five setups. In true TackleTour fashion, which five setups would they bring and why?


Luke Clausen on hand at the Japan premiere of Orochi XX rods autographing jerseys, photos, baits, cards and more.

Luke Clausen : If I came back to Lake Biwa for a tournament, I'd definitely bring a Double X Spinnerbait Special (F5-610XX). That's one rod I'd definitely have because it's so versatile. Not only is it good for spinnerbaits, but it works well with chatterbaits and big square bills. Around this grass, you want something that you can cast a lot. There's a lot of big, open water casting here, so that's definitely a stick I want in my arsenal.


Out on Biwa it was all business as the staff and pros pick through prototypes that need on the water testing.

I'd match it with a reel spooled with seventeen pound (17 lb) Gamma Monofilament, a universal line to use on reaction baits, and throw a Z-Man chatterbait in white and green pumpkin. Universal colors to fish anywhere there's grass.


Martens and Clausen talking strategy before blast off.

My second stick would be a flipping stick like the Double X F8-79XX. I'd match that with 65 pound Tuf Line Supercast Braid, an ounce and a half tungsten weight, a big hook, and Z-Man Palmetto Bugz to drop in grass. For colors, green pumpkin and black and blue are really hard to beat.


One of Luke Clausen's go to sticks if he were to fish a tournament here on Biwa? The F3.5-70XXS Shakey Head rod.

My third setup would be the F3.5-70XXS Shakey Head rod matched with 8lb Tuf Line Supercast Braid topped with an 8lb Gamma Edge fluorocarbon leader. I'd fish a drop shot on this stick. Anytime you're in grass like this and can get to the edges it's usually pretty clean. A drop shot can be deadly. You may not catch the biggest fish, but it's a great way to get some bites.


Crankbaits were the key on this trip, but the crew were here to test more than just crankbaits.

My fourth pick would be a big long cranking rod like the F4.5-711GTA Ultimate Cranking stick. I'd crank Biwa with 10lb Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon throwing the DeepX 300 and Deep Six cranks around the grass.


The F5-610XX Spinnerbait Special would be Luke's first choice in one of five setups he could bring back to Biwa during a tournament.

Last but not least would be a F6-70XX Tour Versatile just like it's name, a very versatile rod. I'd rig it with 14lb Edge Fluorocarbon and tie on a worm or jig. Something that to cast around the grass as well.

Next Section: Edwin Evers has a plan








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