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Enthusiast Review

Megabass Turns Their Sights on Trout With Their Very Elegant Pagani Line (continued)

Real World Test Cont'd: But before we take off on our hike, what better match to this ultra-premium trout stick than an equally premium spinning reel, the Shimano SR 1000? Though many may not consider this pint sized reel a true ultra-light, the 1000 sized Shimano reels are about as small as I can comfortably go. I simply do not care for the line management issues that a smaller reel with an equally smaller spool might create. Of course, given my preference for premium tackle, there's little more choice out there in anyways.


Complete Field Test Set-Up for Megabass Pagani PTL-63UL

Shimano Stella SR 1000
3lb Berkley Trilene

Our Pagani trout stick matched with a Shimano Stella SR 1000

Pondering the next cast


Casting: This ultra-light stick with its ultra-slow taper is as easy to cast as they come. I've always found that the secret to accuracy with a spinning rod is in feathering the spool, and accuracy, when casting to targets in the picturesque environment of California's high country is tantamount to success because the waters are crystal clear and the fish are hyper-sensitive to their surroundings. This is sight fishing to the extreme and any missed or off target cast will more than likely spook your prey and ruin your chances at triggering a strike.


If you look closely at the right side of the pond, you can see the thin sheet of ice that partially covered the water's surface

While it was certainly easier staying within the rod's lure rating of 3 grams and above, the PTL-63UL allowed me to place all my virtually weightless (2 and 3 grams) Panther Martin spinners with relative ease. In just about every case, I was able to cast well beyond my intended target and bring my spinner stealthily through the target zone. Unfortunately, because these fish are so very selective, the first quarter or third of my time was spent watching the fingerling trout chase and inspect my offering only to turn away at the last moment. Boy did I miss being able to grab another stick with something different already rigged up. Instead, I got some good practice at tying some of my favorite knots.

Battling a small stream trout


Sensitivity: During site fishing, sensitivity is hardly a requirement. Couple that aspect with the use of an ultra-light rod and it's almost like firing a gun at point blank range - you can't miss. Just the same, the PTL-63UL has impressive sensitivity. I was able to feel the blades of my spinners turning, the bumping of my lure against every rock or boulder, and I could even tell when my lure was fouled by the pervasive hair algae growing on a lot of the rocks. It got to the ridiculous point where I felt my Stella SR 1000 wasn't smooth enough because the almost unperceivable wobble in this reel was making the rod vibrate!

The PTL-63UL is a wonderful stick for working inline spinners

I must say, I had my doubts when the topic of headed up to the high country to pursue these three to six fish was first brought up. I mean, I have baits that would put these fish to shame! But match this degree of sensitivity with the no holds barred strike of a hungry stream trout and you have ultra-light fishing at its finest. The results are simply addicting.

Not a trophy by any means, but still great fun on ultra light gear


Power: An interesting mindset takes over when hiking up in the Sierra's and exploring the hidden streams and ponds that flow through this incredible country, you grow so driven to find that next secret fishing hole that you forget about other considerations. Case in point? I found my way to one spot where I had to cast over a fallen tree to place my lure in a very quiet and deep pool of water that I could barely see - the ultimate combination of factors. Sure enough, I was rewarded in my efforts with a tell tale strike and hook up. One problem, how the heck was I going to get to the fish to unhook it?!


This ten inch brook trout proved great fun on our Pagani rod


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