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Rod Review

Just plain slick, the new XMG 50 Bass Rod from Lamiglas (continued)


Real World Tests: After our labs tests it was now time to see what this rod could really do in the field. To test the actual functionality of our XMG 50 we head straight for Clear Lake. I armed the rod with a Curado 100D but midway through the test Cal simply couldn’t resist and handed me one of his imported Ryobi Varius reels to see how it paired with the XMG 50. He had been eying the rod for a while and was convinced the gunmetal finished Varius would look downright “slick” paired together with the XMG’s woven carbon fiber grip…. he was right.

The carbon fiber handle provides a reasonable amount of grip, and anglers can actually feel the interwoven fibers

Casting: The rod features a fast action, and true to the specification only the upper portion of the blank is really flexible. The upper third of our test rod did all the work when it came time to cast everything from weightless Texas rigged Senkos to chucking heavy jigs and even some smaller jerkbaits.

Zander tests the rod's casting abilities

A more parabolic rod with a medium or medium-fast action would deliver slightly more casting distance, but every casting rod in the XMG 50 bass lineup features a fast or extra fast action, emphasizing accuracy and sensitivity as key attributes of importance. The result is a rod that can cast a wide range of baits, but really excels at fishing lures like plastics and jigs, rather than reaction baits like jerbaits and spinnerbaits where such a stiff rod doesn’t always allow you the forgiveness if the hook is not driven into the fish.

The top of the reel seat

Retrieving: When it comes time to lock into the hookset the EXC 722 responds promptly. The fast action makes it possible to set the hook without moving the rod very far at all. For the field tests I fished a wider variety of lures than the rod would normally be used for, but what I discovered was a rod with a surprisingly wide range of capabilities.

A large cutout in the reel seat gives anglers access to the blank

Simply put, the EXC 722 is a good mid range rod capable of handling both plastics and lighter hardbaits. The more robust rods in the lineup will offer up more power, and be better suited for heavy fishing in cover or retrieving hardbaits armed with treble hooks.

The Varius mounted on the test rod

Over the course of a few trips to Clear Lake I found the EXC 722 to be an absolute thrill to fish. Clear Lake has countless public and private docks, many of which hold bass, and was the perfect test range for a rod like this. After pitching or lob casting a plastic into position I would allow the lure to sink down into position.

The reel seat holds the enthusiast reel securely


Often I would feel the sweet “tick-tick” before the plastic had a chance to hit the bottom. Hooksets with this rod are lightning fast, and because the rod exhibited excellent sensitivity I found it easier to lock into fish a second after they picked up the bait. We found this attribute especially good for fishing shakey head worms underneath these docks.

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