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Lure Review

Ko-Man-Chi’s Serves up a Second Generation Soft Wire Spinnerbait, the Platinum Composite


Date: 4/29/12
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Ko-Man-Chi
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.33 - INNOVATION AWARD!

Introduction: It has been just over a year since we first reviewed Ko-Man-Chi’s Platinum Series of spinnerbaits and found these original soft wire baits to be both innovative and effective. Since that time the company has continually refined their lineup as well as introduced new additions to the series and today we take a closer look at the next generation soft wire offering, the Platinum Composite, which features a new v-shape stabilizer design paired with updated blades and skirting.  


Ko-Man-Chi Dr. Spinnerbait Platinum Composite Series Specifications

Type Spinnerbait
Depth Any
Skirt Material Silicon
Weight 1/2 oz., 1/4oz., 3/4oz., 1oz.
Colors/Patterns 70+ Standard Colors (custom orders available)
Hook Lazer TroKar hooks
Additional Features Bearing swivels
MSRP $15-18


Ko-Man-Chi introduces a new take on their original spinnerbait, the Platinum Composite


Impressions: What made the original Platinum Series Pro spinnerbait so notable was the use of a braided cable in the place of the traditional steel or titanium wire to create an even more collapsible yet unbreakable spinnerbait. To give the blade the right structure Ko-Man-Chi used a combination of a hard metal tube gasket on the front of the bait which held the soft wire cable inside which could move freely behind this anchor point and even compress depending on speed of the lure or in the mouth of a largemouth.  


The bait features a more streamlined design with a composite v-shaped stabilizer fitted on the soft wire design

The new Doctor Spinnerbait offering, called the Platinum Composite, coexists with the original series. The PC (Platinum Composite) is immediately recognizable showcasing a similar design but replaces the metal tube stabilizer with a much more streamlined “composite” v-shaped stabilizer, hence the name of the bait, which is fitted directly on the wire. Instead of tying directly to the stabilizer the new bait comes with a snap which connects to a composite loop on stabilizer. This gives anglers the ability to switch out spinnerbaits quickly in the field.  

The teardrop blades are available in multiple colors and pad print patterns

The original baits featured teardrop shaped traditionally finished gold or nickel blades and the PC kicks it up a notch by adding pad printed blades which feature art from the company’s Dr. Spinnerbait graphics or attractive tattoo like patterns. These printed blades are available in many colors and are matched in color to both the head and skirting on the bait, effectively tying the entire lure together like a little school of baitfish. Each PC spinnerbait comes armed with a sharp TroKar hook which is hidden in a new two stage skirt design. The new skirts are visually very impressive and can feature two completely different colors fused together to create unique profiles and patterns. 

The bait is armed with a Lazer Trokar hook

Real World Tests: To test the second generation Ko-Man-Chi Dr. Spinnerbait we headed to the same bodies of water we fished the originals in the last round, the California Delta and Clear Lake, both of which offer exceptional opportunities for blade fishermen both in cool and warm weather conditions. We used a variety of rod and reel combos but fished all of the baits with 10 and 12lb monofilament line. 

Casting this bait is a no-brainer

Casting: As with most spinnerbaits casting the PC Ko-Man-Chi spinnerbait really was a no brainer. The lures come in a wide range of sizes with the standard being the 1/2oz. but ¼, ¾, or even 1oz. baits are also available. Simply cast the PC out and let the “Doctor” do the work. 

The new bait can compress even more than the original

Retrieving: In the water the PC really comes to life and the teardrop blades displace plenty of water and are able to spin up quickly and will even flutter when paused or jigged. The new skirt flares attractively thanks to the two stage design which incorporates 44 strands on the outer body to create the profile and a 22 strand trailer that is positioned behind in inside the outer skirt to create the illusion of a tail. This design allows the trailer tail to appear more natural and seems to vibrate more independently. While I personally like the very long tail which extends over an inch behind the main body some anglers may want to cut the tail down slightly if they prefer a more compact traditional profile. One of the best things about the PC is the ability to customize. Not only can the skirts be changed but so can the blades. The outer blade can be switched off the ball bearing swivel and a new innovation allows the inner blade to disconnect via an easy snap in/snap off design.

A Delta Rat hits the PC, let's see if we can get bigger

In the water the PC swims very true, never rolling, a benefit of using a soft wire design which effectively equalizes the bait at all retrieve speeds. Fished side by side with the original version the PC version performed just as well or even outfished the original on numerous occasions. The PC features a more streamlined stealthier profile and the new skirt creates the illusion of greater volume which seemed to appeal to bass when we slow rolled this bait. Like the previous version strikes on this lure feel a little different than with traditional spinnerbaits as some of the initial shock is absorbed by the soft arms of the spinnerbait itself, but when fish try and shake this bait they are out of luck. Even with violent head shakes the soft wire design compensates nicely and does not allow fish to use the wire as leverage to shake the bait.  

Originally I was concerned how the composite connector would hold up but I never had a failure in the field 

Next: Is the composite design durable?









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