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Lure Review

Mark "EZ Bass" Lassagne experiments with the Kinami Palm Tree

Date: 12/21/05
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Kinami Baits
Reviewer: Mark "EZBass" Lassagne

Total Score: 8.16

Introduction: Anglers are now spotting Kinami baits in more and more stores, from your local Walmart to Bass Pro Shops, it looks like Derek Yamamoto's plastics are catching on. Professional bass angler Mark "EZ Bass" Lassagne draws upon his tournament experience to experiment and evaluate the Kinami Palm Tree.


Kinami Baits Palm Tree Specifications

Type Plastic Creature Bait
Material Salt Impregnated Plastic
Colors/Patterns 10+ available
Size 4 inch
Number per pack 5
Package Resalable Bag
MSRP $3.99

Impressions: While the Kinami Nories bug was very unique, Kinami's other offerings including the "Flash" and "Palm Tree" obviously draw upon Yamamoto lures for inspiration. The Flash looks like a Senko but has a slightly different construction which allows it to deliver a distinct action. The Palm Tree on the other hand looks like a slightly fatter Fat Boy Ika. 


The Kinami Palm Tree is a slightly different take on the Yamamoto Fat Ika

Upon the initial inspection the bait reminded me of a short fat worm with a skirt or a solid tube (Gitzit style) bait. I thought it best to fish the Palm Tree like a tube Texas rigged with and extra wide gap hook. I immediately liked the fact that had a solid body which made it heavier than a traditional tube, with that in mind I thought it would sink rather nicely weightless, like a Senko.

There are many ways to fish the Kinami Palm Tree, and anglers can get very creative

Field Tests: To test the Kinami Palm Tree, we head out to local bass lakes as well as the California Delta. We rigged the Palm Tree a variety of different ways and employed an assortment of distinct techniques ranging from pitching to high-speed surface retrieves.

Complete test Rig for fishing the Kinami Baits Palm Tree

Rod Quantum PTC747XF
Reel Quantum Energy PTX-Metal
Line Sufix 17lb Siege


To test this lure, I opted for some heavier line so I could pitch and flip as well as retrieve the lure through various structure without having to worry about prematurely losing the lure or fish to snags. We spooled on Sufix 17lb Siege which performed nicely throughout the complete gamut of tests.


We ultimately had the most success fishing the lure backwards Texas rigged

Rigging: I first rigged the Kinami Palm Tree Texas style with a 1/8th oz bullet weight with the skirt down similar to a tube bait. Next I tried the bait Texas rigged with the skirt up next to the weight, same 1/8th oz. I also rigged the bait weightless with the skirt both up and down while Zander experimented with jigs and darter heads rigging the lure in the front and back. In terms of rigging, this lure leaves a lot to the imagination and anglers can get pretty creative when it comes to rigging and presentation.


Rigged with a jighead its possible to crawl the lure up structure to incite strikes

Casting: Flippin, pitchin and conventional casting, this bait is heavy enough that it pitches nicely, and if you peg the sinker it can be easily skipped under a dock. Armed with quality baitcasters we were able to cast this lure to intended targets every time. Weighing much more than a Yamamoto single tail grub the Palm Tree features dense plastic and can be tossed weightless similarly to a Senko.

Pitching the Palm Tree into structure also proved successful

Retrieving: In our tests two basic methods were used, one cast it out let it descend to the bottom allow it to sit for a few seconds then drag slowly back to the boat insuring it stays on the bottom the entire time or until your past the strike zone. Two, cast it out the same way but hop it back to the boat by moving the rod from six to nine oíclock vary in speed until you find what the fish are looking for. For flippin and pitchin itís a little different for these methods youíll want to pitch it past the target let it fall to the bottom then slowly drag or hop it back to the structure, once there let it sit, maybe shake it a little. If you really feel like thereís a fish there let it sit as long as you can stand it.


I ultimately discovered that the Palm Tree can be fished effectively anywhere a plastic worm could be fished. It can also be fished with a jighead or fished weightless too. Through trial and error I found the preeminent way to fish this lure is to rig it Texas style with a sliding bullet weight and the skirt down. Due to the weight and action of this lure I recommend it for bottom work, as it is not as effective when targeting bass that are chasing baitfish. It is possible to incite strikes when the lure is falling, and this is most common when fishing the lure weightless or pitching directly in and around structure.


A Delta bass that couldn't resist the Texas Rigged Palm Tree

is one area where this bait doesnít shine, if youíre lucky you get two fish per bait. Like many heavily salt impregnated Yamamoto lures the Kinami Palm Tree delivers exceptional action but seems to take on a lot of damage after each and every strike. It would be nice if the bait would last longer but I can say I didnít miss or loose many fish on this bait due to it soft nature. Now if youíre out fun fishing it would be nice if they would last longer Ďbutí if money was on the line I would much rather loose a bait rather than a fish.


We went through two bags of lures in our tests, and while we wish the lures lasted longer, they did prove quite effective at alluring fish


Applications: The right time to use this bait is when the fish are feeding on the bottom or holding tight to cover or structure. In post frontal conditions when fish stop hitting fast moving lures is when anglers can turn to this bait as well. After you have found some fish, say using a reaction bait, then tie on the Palm Tree to pick off the less aggressive ones. This one-two punch will have you maximizing your catch from each school you encounter.


Kinami Baits Palm Tree Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Good quality construction clean mold lines and the skirt were not stuck together in any areas. The Kinami Palm Tree is a well constructed plastic. 8
Performance The lure performed well except that it would break apart easily when fighting a fish or setting the hook 8
Price These lures are priced lower than Yamamoto offerings but as with most high density plastics the price is high per unit 8
Features Solid body and quality skirt plus good color combinations. This lure is available in solid and two tone combinations 8
Design (Ergonomics) A proven design the Kinami Palm Tree can be rigged countless different ways. Get creative and rig the lure to match your favorite technique 9
Application Fun, easy and the fish like it. This lure can be fished like a tube or a worm effectively 8

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Heavy weights gets down into the strike zone quickly L High density plastic breaks apart easily
J Solid body design enabling a solid hookset  
J Can be fished multiple ways  
J Good fish catching color combinations  
J Fish per bite ratio is very good  

I really liked the Palm Tree, with first bag I used all but one in a matter of a few hours. If you like tube fishing but youíre tired of loosing fish try the Palm Tree, I think youíll like it. For those who stopped using tube baits (Gitzits) this is a new look to an old style bait which has always been a tried and true bass lure. It fishes similar to a tube bait except that it falls faster and doesnít have a hollow body. Due to the nature of the bait the fish would hang on to it for a long period of time leaving us ample time to set the hook. Now if you set like King Kong each bait will only last one fish. After using a few baits and running low I found myself utilizing a soft sweep set in order to save the remaining baits. Even with the soft hook set the hook would penetrate through the bait and easily hook the fish, Iím sure the laser sharp Eagle Claw hooks and the low stretch Sufix Siege had a little to do with it. This bait is really easy to fish and a great choice for everyone from the beginner to the seasoned veteran.









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