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Featured Article: Show Coverage

If you only can make it to one ISE show take a trip to Sacramento (continued)

Powell Rods: Powell was out in full force at the show and the booth was staffed by Dave Rush and Mark Meddoch. Powell Rods showcased their new rod MAX models. These rods are made with Powell’s proprietary “Maxum Fiber TM” material. This material enables Powell’s Rod Designers & Engineers to use less material while achieving specific actions, decreasing the weight and maintaining balance without sacrificing durability. At the show Keith, owner of Powell, showed us the new lineup and told us that he was continually tweaking the lineup to make them even better.


Cal notes the new Powell MAX rod specifications


All rods are outfitted with Fuji hardware, priced within the same parameters as the current models which is $169.00 for rods 7ft. long or less, and $199.00 for rods longer than 7ft., and all rods carry a lifetime warranty.


The 681C is designed for drop shotting with light biatcasting reels


Of the new rods there were two that really stood out to us. The first was the 681C rod designed for drop shotting with light baitcasting rigs. The tip on this rod is extremely lively, and with just subtle twitches it was possible to get the tip to tremble nicely. This would be a great rod to pair up with a Chronarch Mg or Daiwa Sol spooled with 6lb and 8lb line. This rod will retail for $169.99. 


Powell has reloaded their MAX rod lineup with a bunch of new application specific sticks


With all the swimbaits at the show anglers are going to need a serious stick to chuck these immense lures. Powell's new 711 MH and H models are designed specifically to handle the biggest swimbaits. The 711MH features extra fast action and is capable of tossing 3-5oz lures. If your a fan of the biggest baits the 711H rod can handle lures all teh way up to 8oz. Both rods will retail for $199.00.  


Mark shows us the new 711H swimbait rod model


The new rods still feature the attractive split grip design


The new swimbait rods feel better balanced than ever before


Owner of Powell, Keith, with his Prostaff show us the new MAX rods... and they sure look good

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