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Event Article: 2008 ISE Sacramento

The ISE Sacremento show continues the rise of the big bait trend with bigger sticks

Date: 1/20/08
Location: Sacramento, CA
Admission: $12.00
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: Each of the many International Sportsmen Expositions have a slightly different flavor, as they showcase region specific tackle offerings. The ISE Sacramento show tends to be a lot bigger than the San Mateo show due to the venue itself, which is located at the Cal Expo grounds which is also home to the state fair. The show also attracts many more hunting and fly fishing manufacturers and lodges.


The dogs were out at the Sacramento International Sportsmen's Exposition

Charters & Lodges: If you want to catch that fish of a lifetime a great way to do it is with an expert guide. A lot of services were exhibited at the Sacramento show and it didn't matter if your destination of choice was Alaska, Africa, or anything in between. This show had it all. A good example is Frontier, a charter and lodge in Sitka Alaska that focuses on Salmon and halibut sportfishing.

Want a fishing adventure of lifetime? Meet with one of the many guides and experts like Justin at Frontier Charters & Lodge which specializes in Alaska sportfishing

We particularly liked this lodge because it didn't require anglers to make comfort or gear sacrifices. the lodge takes care of everything from the ride to the airport, licenses, meals, top notch lodging, and hardcore fishing with quality tackle which includes Loomis rods and Accurate 2 speed reels. 

Keith at Powell highlights the new rods to Zander

Big Bait Sticks: If there was one trend at the ISE Sac show it was big baits and bigger sticks to these lures. Swimbait Nation exhibited the latest and greatest big baits and every manufacturer had their interpretation of a bigger and badder stick to catapult these bombers. We caught up with two well known rod companies to see just what they had to offer.

The newest Max rod a extending swimbait stick

Powell: Owner and CEO of Powell rods Keith Bryan showed us his newest addition to the popular Max series of rods. This is an extending swimbait stick that has two pieces similar to a flipping stick. This makes it easy to carry the big stick in just about any rod locker.

The rod features a blank through reel seat

This latest stick adds to Powell's already robust lineup of swimbait rods and is 7'11" fully extended. The stick makes use of a Fuji reel seat which is complete with a blank through. We were also happy to see the inclusion of a hook keeper, something that was absent on some of Powell's previous big bait rods. 

The hook hanger returns

The rod is designed for 15-30lb line and can handle swimbaits from 5 to 8oz in weight. While Keith had the prototype at the show the actual rods are still in production and will arrive at dealers in about 60 days. Like the other rods in the Max lineup the rod will retail for a very reasonable 199 dollars.

Keith keeps the hits coming with yet another quality swimbait stick

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