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ICAST 2020 Coverage



TackleTour's Best of ICAST 2020 Award Winners (continued)




Best of ICAST - Casting Rod : Okuma Psycho Stick: We are not sure what is happening at Okuma but over the last few seasons the company has ventured further into the extreme, creating one off limited editions like the Okuma Chroma reel, and now with the Psycho Sticks rods that are not afraid to defy the conventional styling and make use of a blend of different components in the pursuit of building a better bass rods. It all starts with a blank constructed with light and responsive 46-ton, low resin carbon rod blanks each displaying a unique pattern design from butt to tip. They are then built with Okuma’s UMR: Ultimate Matrix Reinforcement technology which strengthens the outer walls of the blank giving the rod the reinforcement where it is needed most, giving the rods a more lifting power while remaining light and flexible. For components Okuma drew from multiple vendors, starting with Fuji KW-concept angled guide frames that help reduce line twist and tangles outfitted with proven Fuji Sic guide inserts with deep pressed frames to securely hold everything in place, and SeaGuide injected carbon reel seats. As with so many other Okuma offerings great bang for the buck is critical and the Psycho Stick Bass Rods will retail for only $219.99 to $239.99, and come backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Now that is a psycho-good value.



Best of ICAST - Spinning Rod : Arundel Tackle Legit Design Wild Side: Our pick for most exciting spinning rod is probably one that you have never heard of... yet. Founded sometime around 2015, Legit Design, is the brain child of Iitaka Hirofumi and Onikata Takeshi and their goal is to create professional quality rods for the everyday, recreational angler. During their time at Pure Fishing Japan, the duo crafted some of the more memorable rod series for Fenwick and Tiemco, and now, out on their own, they are leveraging that expertise and letting loose their Wild Side. Hirofumi and Takesshi's goal was to establish a balance between high end design features and reasonable cost. There's little purpose in designing the penultimate, super light weight fishing rod if few are going to be able to afford the experience. To that end, the blank for each specific model in their Wild Side series features its own custom blend of several grades of graphite most commonly 30T and 40T, but at times they will also use 24T for durability and 46T for sensitivity - especially with rods intended for vertical bait presentations. Each Wild Side blank is carefully reinforced with an Aramid fiber, the base material in products such as Kevlar and Nomex, to, in their words, enhance performance and tenacity. The guide train for each rod is spaced and sized with intended applications in mind, but primarily consists of Fuji K Series, tangle free guides with stainless steel frames and SiC inserts. The spinning rods all feature unique actions and features for their intended applications, for example some break down into five pieces for easy transport while a finesse stick has a solid tip that is colored for added sensitivity and visual confirmation of strikes. These rods will soon be here stateside and retail from $295 to $330 dollars, depending on the model.



Best of ICAST - Saltwater Rod: Cashion ICON Series: Cashion is best known for their unique woven carbon fiber handles and as the signature rod for Pro Angler John Crews. This ICAST the company introduced the world to their newest line, the ICON Series, which has been in development for the last two years. The ICON's blanks make use a new CF prepreg sourced in America and feature a raw finish that's more durable and is the perfect platform in which to exhibit the company's handmade craftsmanship. The grip has a softer feel with a lighter and more durable Kevlar material and they finish the rods with American Tackle micro guides and direct to blank reel seat with the threads cut down to reduce weight and increase sensitivity. While the new lineup encompasses both freshwater and saltwater applications they made sure to build rods that are specifically designed for Inshore fishing in the salt. These rods are designed to be a lighter, stronger, more durable rod, and come backed by a lifetime warranty. The ICON rods will retail for $219.99 dollars and become available in mid August.


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