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ICAST 2019 Coverage


Arashi Glides Through The Storm


Date: 7/11/19
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Storm
Reviewer: Cal

Have you joined the glide bait craze? Maybe you're hesitant and waiting for a dependable, affordable alternative to the high stakes JDM offerings? If so, at this year's ICAST, Storm introduced a bait that may be the answer to your hesitation. Introducing Storm's Arashi Glide.


Introducing the Arashi Glide


Arashi Glide: The Arashi Glide is a seven and a half inch (7.5"), single joint, hard bait with a replaceable soft tail designed to swim in an exaggerated glide. Spearheaded by Bass Pro, Brandon Palanuik, the challenge with this bait has been to create a consistent and stable glide action at all speeds. After years of design and development, the bait is finally ready for market.


A 7.5" hardbodied glide bait


The new Arashi Glide is designed to sink slowly (0.4 ft per second) with a slight head down position and is able to spin 180 degrees with a quick snap of the rod tip. Palanuik likes to do this with followers to trigger a strike. The company spent quite a bit of time perfecting the triple-pin hinge joint to enable this action.


Each Arashi Glide will be packaged with a spare tail

The Arashi Glide will be available in nine colors including rainbow trout, bluegill, blue back herring, green gill and more each designed to match the forage in different regions across the country. The bait is rated at three and one eighth ounce (3 1/8oz) and comes with two, 2/0 VMC treble hooks, and a spare replacement tail. The Arashi Glide will retail for $34.99.

Retail price is set for $34.99

Glide baits remain a hot commodity amongst anglers searching for a quality bite but most are made to be retrieved at one speed or another. It will be interesting to see if the Arashi Glide is indeed effective at all speeds. If so, at its price point, this bait should prove to be quite popular.









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