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ICAST 2019 Coverage


Spro Joins the Spybaiting Agency with the Spin Jon 80


Date: 7/12/19
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Spro
Reviewer: Cal

There's nothing like a little spy mission to complete the story on a new bait. Late Summer 2018, we were afforded the opportunity to spend some time with BASS Elite Series Pro, John Crews as he was rounding out tests on a new bait. At ICAST 2019, this bait made its official debut.


Late Summer 2018, we were afforded the opportunity to spend some time with BASS Elite Series Pro, John Crews as he was rounding out tests on a new bait


Spin Jon 80: There are all sorts of baits to help locate and catch active, feeding fish. Spybaiting has caught on because this technique appears to have the ability to trigger inactive fish as well. Yet, for some odd reason, whether its the long profile of the bait or those two propellers, hook up ratios aren't great with this technique.


At ICAST 2019, this bait made its official debut


Introducing Spro's Spin John 80


Spro's new Spin John 80 looks to address that issue. First, the bait is outfitted with two, very sticky Gamakatsu G-Finesse Treble hooks (#6 in size). Two, there are swivels at both ends of the bait. These are provided to enhance the bait's shimmying action, but Crews feels the swivels also make it more difficult for fish to gain leverage during a fight and throw the bait.

The Spin John 80 features a dressed rear treble

There are swivels on the front and back of the bait

Spro finishes off the Spin John 80 with matching blades on either end and dressing that rear treble with accent feathers giving the bait that little extra bit of dimension in the water. The bait measures eighty millimeters (80mm) in length and weighs five sixteenths of an ounce (5/16oz). It will be offered in eight (8) different colors and retail for $12.99.

It will be offered in eight (8) different colors and retail for $12.99.

Wameku Shad 70: SPRO and Shin Fukae announced the release of a new rattle style bait called the Wameku Shad 70.  Wameku means “loud talking and noisy” in Japanese.  The Wameku Shad 70 features a very high pitch knocking sound that is very distinct, and different from other rattle baits currently on the market.  On lakes throughout the country rattle baits are a staple of Springtime fishing.  This can often mean fish become accustomed to the sound of certain baits and react adversely to the pressure.  A key switch to a different bait or sound can often trigger fish that wouldn’t react to previous casts.  The Wameku Shad brings a never heard before frequency that will help get more bites this Spring.

The two tie points on the Wameku make this an adjustable bait

One very unique feature of the Wameku is its multiple line ties, that create different actions from the same bait.  The two-line ties allow an angler to change the action of the bait, simply by tying onto a different location.  The top line tie can be used for a deeper more subtle action when you want the bait to get down.  The bottom-line tie excels in shallow water, resulting in a more erratic action.

The Wameku measures 70mm in length, weighs 3/4oz. and is available now in 8 colors for $12.99


Having the opportunity to see, fish, experience late model prototypes just before they hit market is an honor that never gets old. Spro gave us the go ahead to tease this debut back in August of last year, but they weren't quite sure when the bait would come to market. Seeing the bait finished and ready to hit tackle store shelves gives us the feeling we were part of the development process. It will be interesting to see how the new Spin John 80 stacks up.








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