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ICAST 2019 Coverage


Plano Introduces their most Advanced Boxes to date - Meet the EDGE Series


Date: 7/9/19
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Plano
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: When it comes to tackle storage the first name that comes to mind is Plano. Just like "Kleenex" when anglers refer to their modular tackle boxes, regardless of the manufacturer, they call them Plano boxes. Just when you thought it was difficult to further innovate in the category Plano is introducing their most advanced storage to date, meet the EDGE.


The Plano EDGE Series is the company's highest end and most advanced modular tackle box yet


Giving Anglers the EDGE? Seriously now, can you really get excited about tackle boxes? Absolutely! Anglers usually spend as much, or even more, time organizing and prepping their tackle as they do on the water. Professional Anglers know that having an organized, and easy to use, tackle storage system can mean the difference with money on the line.


There are standard boxes that are configurable


Plano's new EDGE system is built on the familiar 3600 and 3700 form factors and consists of four new standard boxes that come in standard, thin, or deep configurations, and six application specific boxes designed for crankbaits, big cranks, spinnerbaits, jigs/bladed jigs, plastics, and even terminal tackle. 


The standard boxes come in three thicknesses to accommodate baits for varying size


The new EDGE boxes look different than anything else in the Plano lineup and feature a grey and yellow finish that is built heavy duty. Each of these boxes feature an internal organization system that is configurable and/or optimized for the specific type of baits that you are looking to store. The terminal tackle box for example features smaller sealed compartments within the box to efficiently store weights, hooks, and other small pieces to tackle.


The new EDGE jig.blade box uses multiple vertical dividers to hold traditional jigs or bladed ones


The XL crankbait box can holster the biggest deep divers


There is a lot to like about these new boxes and how fast and easy it is to identify baits through the Duraview crystal clear lid, and then how quickly anglers are able to open the boxes with single one handed latch design.


The crankbait box uses silicon to hold baits of different shapes and sizes securely, protecting finishes, and keeping them from tangling up


One of the most exciting boxes is the terminal tackle box which is a bunch of boxes within a box to hold small loose pieces of tackle


The other major innovation with these boxes is the Dri-Loc watertight seal which creates a reliable barrier from moisture. Unlike competing boxes that usually require three latches to create a watertight seal the EDGE's single one handed latch is able to do the job. On the other side of the lid the hinge is supported with durable steel pin hinges that are designed to provide year's of security.


The spinnerbait box has a center rail that hangs baits so they dry quickly and the skirts do not get bent or exhibit memory. This box is deep enough to hold buzzbaits with trailer hooks too


In the event that your lures are still wet when they go into the box Plano’s new Rustrictor™ anti-corrosion compound is infused into the base and prevents terminal tackle from corroding. Water Wick also provides further corrosion defense from a water absorbing desiccant divider, giving EDGE one two punch against rust and corrosion. Patent-pending, pre-separated, vented dividers allow for air circulation. They are also recess into the base of the box so that terminal tackle and smaller items don’t migrate throughout the box.


The soft plastics box has removable dividers that can hold bags of plastics, line, tools, and anything else you want to keep organized and dry. It easily doubles as a good dry box for your valuables


Plano will be showing all of these boxes at ICAST tomorrow, and will confirm MSRPs during the show. From what we have seen so far the new EDGE boxes look well designed, solidly built, and give anglers that are obsessed with tackle organization and protection a whole lot to be excited about.









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