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ICAST 2019 Coverage


13 Fishing Boldly Goes Where no Bait has Gone Before with the Motor Boat and Pathfinder Lures


Date: 7/10/19
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: 13 Fishing
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: With the same aggressive design approach to lures as the company exhibits when it comes to reels and rods 13 Fishing introduced a pair of potentially game changing hybrid styled lures including the Pathfinder topwater walking bait and Motorboat plastic buzz style lure at ICAST today.


The Motor Boat blends a weedless plastic bait with a buzz style blade


Motor Boat: I wish I could be a fly on the wall in the meetings at 13 Fishing where these guys come up with their product designs and what to name them. Clearly these guys are not afraid to pull any punches. meet the newest addition to the 13 Fishing bait lineup, the Motor Boat


The Motor Boat is designed to change the way anglers approach heavy cover and combines the action of a buzz style lure and plastic shad style body to create a lure that is designed to fish through just about anything.


The swivel supported blade is attached to a nylon braided cable that is fused to the lure


These innovative new baits come pre-rigged with an embedded VMC heavy gauge hook and a buzz style blade is attached via tough nylon braid into the rear of the bait. The custom designed blade has an internal swivel that hides it from vegetation and slime. This bait should deliver a very unique action and is something that fish won't be expecting in the heaviest cover. The Motor Boat will be available in a wide range of patterns and come in 4" and 5" sizes for $7.99 and $8.99 respectively.


No it isn't the USS Enterprise, it is the Pathfinder


Walk your own Path: Topwater fans get a new weapon with the innovative hybrid lure that is the Pathfinder. Designed to boldly go where other topwater walk the dog baits simply cannot, this weedless bait can be delivered to structure that would normally stop other walkers dead in their tracks.


The Pathfinder is a hybrid weedless walk the dog bait


The Pathfinder is built on a hard head and underbelly, while the upper and rear section consists of a soft weedless design that collapses under the strike to reveal the frog style dual hook.


The rear section of the bait is soft and compresses under the pressure of a strike to reveal the heavy duty hook

Though the entire lure is shaped like a walking torpedo the bait is designed to keep fished pinned better than traditional frogs with a free swinging hook that will deploy once the bait is struck, and helping prevent fish from using the bait as leverage in an effort to come unbuttoned during the battle.


The hook will come loose and keep fish pinned in an effort to increase strike to land ratios


As the Pathfinder is walked it calls to fish with a high pitch rattle that resides in the head section. Ultra high definition finishes give the bait a level of quality that you usually do not find on soft bodied hollow bodied baits, and is much more on the level of high end walkers. There is a wide range of patterns available to match the hatch, including the popular 13 Fishing regurgitated shad pattern.


The exciting new Pathfinder walker measures 4.25" in length, weighs in at 3/4oz., and because it floats can be worked as slowly or as quickly as anglers wish, and even paused over open pockets of vegetation. I can't wait to get the Pathfinder in front of fish back home on the California Delta to see how largemouth and striped bass react to it.


I look forward to seeing what the Pathfinder will do in heavy structure, as well as what Jim, Matt, Ricky, and the entire team at 13 Fishing will do with the infusion of capital and increased distribution from Rapala


When it comes to bold designs 13 Fishing continues to walk their own path, and go where no tackle manufacturer has gone before. With today's news that Rapala is acquiring 49% of DQC International corporation, owner of 13 Fishing, and furthering the distribution of the company's products through their extensive channels outside of the U.S. we are likely to see a period of enormous growth for the brand. Bold moves indeed!









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