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ICAST 2019 Coverage


13 Fishing Integrates Carbon into their Enthusiast BOSS Reels and FUSE Rods


Date: 7/10/19
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: 13 Fishing
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: 13 Fishing continues to be one of the most progressive tackle companies, and is willing to make bold moves when it comes to use of new materials, approaching tackle design with a fresh set of design philosophies, and pushing the envelope in sheer fun factor. This year the company has literally fused carbon into their enthusiast offerings with the Concept BOSS baitcasters
and FUSE Rods.


One of the reels I'm really excited to fish post ICAST is the new C13 Fishing Concept BOSS


Who's the BOSS? 13 Fishing's new flagship reel, the Concept BOSS, started to appear on e-tail and retail shelves right before ICAST this year and makes use of CZB COMP spool bearings and a H.A.M. high tensile strength main gear, paired with a high spin spool shaft to deliver the longest casting performance of any 13 Fishing reel to date. 


The Concept BOSS reels feature all of the most advanced 13 Fishing technologies as well as a few new ones including BOSS garage series component design including carbon handle arms and even carbon fiber knobs


With a total of 11 bearings, both high performance black seal corrosion resistant high spin bearings and CZB, the BOSS is designed to deliver the smoothest feel of all 13 reels as well. The reel looks very high-end with the carbon swept handle arm and aggressively ported spools. Look closer at the BOSS and anglers will notice that even the knobs on the 8.1:1 reel are constructed out of carbon fiber.


The BOSS is a stealthy looking reel


The Concept BOSS also comes in a slower more powerful 6.1:1 model. This power reel comes loaded with a deeper spool and longer 100mm handle, versus the 90mm handle on the 6.6:1 model. Mounted on the longer handle are large BFG power knobs, just like the ones used on last seasons Concept TXZ inshore reel.


CZB Comp bearings are used to improve casting


The BOSS reels are all constructed on a one piece high density aluminum frame and have the beetle wing side plate which provides access to the 6 way centrifugal braking system.


Want more power? There is a 6.6:1 power model


The Concept BOSS 8.1:1 reels will be available in both right and left hand retrieve, while the 6.6:1 mode will only be available in right hand configuration. The Concept BOSS reels are available now, and retail for $400 dollars each. Though I really like the stealthy black styling, and especially the carbon fiber knobs, I am tempted to add a splash of color to the reels, and it is good to know that the reels are fully Trick Shop compatible.


I really like the unique drag star on the 6.6:1 BOSS


FUSE Carbon Rods: As materials used in rod making have advanced they have become stronger, more sensitive, and exhibit superior actions. 13 Fishing decided it was time to approach things from a different angle, and not only use the most advanced materials in which to build a rod but also approach the build in a completely new way.


In order to build the most sensitive rod possible 13 Fishing created the new Fuse Carbon Series by forging from a proprietary carbon fusion process to create an entirely one piece rod from blank to handle.


The new Carbon Fuse rods are quite unlike any other rod build to date and fuses carbon components together with high heat and pressure applied to a CNC mold


The seamless construction eliminates the loss of vibration through epoxy or in the surface contact between the individual components found on traditional rods. The new FUSE Carbon rods are designed to telegraph even the most subtle contact on the end of the line. Fusing all of the components together not only gives anglers improved sensitivity, it also is designed to improve the strength to weight ratio.


There will be only two models, one casting and one spinning, limited and individually numbered 1-1500


The FUSE Carbon's fusion manufacturing process is now patent pending, and the blank used on the rods is comprised of Japanese PVG46T construction fused to the company's Evolve Carbon Handle and Carbon Divide reel seats. To finish these rods 13 Fishing decided to go with Fuji Titanium K Frame Guides with SIC inserts for optimal performance and balance.


Post ICAST I look forward to fishing the new Concept BOSS reels and seeing how their hybrid design performs


There will only be two FUSE Carbon rods that will officially launch in a few hours, a 7'2" ML Fast action spinning rod dated 4-10lbz and with a 1/8-3/8oz. lure rating and a 7'4" MH Extra Fast casting rod with a 12-20lbs. line rating and 3/8-1oz. lure rating. Both of these rods will retail for $450 each and will be limited and individually number 1-1500. Together with the Concept BOSS reels these might be the most exciting new enthusiast setup of the season.









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