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ICAST 2015 Coverage

Saving the Best for Last? 13 Fishing's Rods Redefine Performance and Value


Date: 8/20/15
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: 13 Fishing
Reviewer: Zander

It has been a little over a month since ICAST 2015 and while it would have been impossible to cover everything that the show had to offer we crammed as much as we could into the last four weeks. It's finally time to get back to our review schedule but before we do that we had to write about 13 Fishing one more time, and cover the company's new rod offerings.


The flagship of 13 Fishing's rod offerings are the Archangel rods which are made in Japan from Toray Graphite and Fuji Torzite guides


There is a different vibe at 13 Fishing than most traditional tackle manufacturers, the company and brand feel fun and fresh, and are always willing to push the envelope, and even break the mold of what to expect from a fishing company. This ICAST they showcased a wide range of offerings and there was something for every type of angler with the 13 and No.8 branded rods. For enthusiasts the Archangel rods are now becoming available and feature nano-carbon blanks and Fuji Torzite guides. These rods are designed to get closer to the holy grail of rod design, the optimal balance of being a lighter, thinner, stronger and more sensitive rod overall. The Archangel rods look absolutely sick and feature a combination of EVA and cork grips, a hybrid look that is becoming a signature feature of so many 13 Fishing rods. As you might expect the Archangel rods are truly enthusiast positioned rods with prices that match. There are both spinning and casting models available and they range from $650-$700 dollars depending on model.


Ricky Teschendorf, Operations Manager, shows us the new Omen rods


O2: While the Archangel rods are truly exotic the price point makes them a very niche product. For most anglers the most interesting new rod will be the redesigned Omen Series. The Omen Black Series has been redesigned for the 2016 season and features Japanese multi-directional 30 ton Toray blanks to create a lighter more sensitive and still highly durable rod. Omen Black rods feature 3A Japanese cork rod handles with EVA foregrips on the casting rods and EVA rear grip highlights on the spinning rods.


The redesigned Omen Rods look better than ever!


The Omen Black rods are loaded with Alps Guides with Zirconia Inserts and Evolve reel seats. There is a complete range of spinning and casting rods in the new lineup, all with a five year warranty, and retail from $100 to $140 dollars depending on the model.


Chip Leer loves fishing for Walleye and his rod of choice are the 13 Fishing Muse Series


Muse Gold: We met up with Chip Leer, a legendary Walleye Angler, who showed us the new Muse Series of 13 Fishing spinning rods that are designed to be nothing short of the perfect Walleye rod. These spinning rod are 6'3" to 7'7" in length and are built on high modulus 36 ton Mitsubishi graphite blanks utilizing ZAT (Zonal Action Technology) which essentially divides each rod blank into three distinct zones - lower, mid, and tip, each with distinct performance characteristics engineered for more sensitivity, hook setting power, and forgiveness. The new Muse Rods retail for $175-$185 dollars each depending on configuration.


The Hellbent rods are designed to be a value solution for anglers


No.8 Hellbent: While 13 Fishing focuses more on higher-end applications the company's No.8 Series of offerings seeks to deliver exceptional value. Their newest series, the Hellbent rods, make use of 24 ton graphite blanks with high performance resin and is finished with stainless steel guides with zirconia inserts.


These certainly don't look like "value" rods


There are a complete range of Hellbent models that are ideal for bass fishing, as well as Hellbent Panfish, and even Hellbent Inshore Series rods. All of these new rods feature distinct design elements that are intended to improve their performance in their own applications.


Ricky shows us the solid tip on the Hellbent Panfish rods


For example the Hellbent Panfish rods feature a solid tip for extra sensitivity and durability while the Inshore rods are made extra corrosion resistant with stainless guides and blue blanks that better blend into their surroundings.


A look at the aggressively priced Hellbent Inshore rods


The new Hellbent rods look good but their most exciting feature might just be the amazing price of these rods. Each of the standard Hellbent Series rods retails for only $59.99, the same goes for the Hellbent Inshore rods, and the panfish rods retail for only $49.99 to $69.99 depending on the model. A quality rod for 60 dollars and under? That is what the No.8 brand is all about, giving every angler a chance to fish quality equipment and get the very most out of their experience.


Ricky and Jose Chavez, Marketing Manager at 13 Fishing, show us the great value that No.8 Series rods offer anglers


13 Fishing continues on their mission of delivering quality tackle that are not only functional but something that anglers will find truly fun to fish. Thanks to 13 Fishing and all the manufacturers this ICAST for infusing the show with so much excitement and great new tackle. Some of the new product has already arrived here at the office and we are literally itching to go fishing. It is time to get up from behind the computer screen and back on the water. We will see you out there!










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