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ICAST 2012 Coverage

A New Vision for Megabass


Date: 7/12/12
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Megabass
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: For more than a decade now, Megabass USA has been importing product from Megabass Japan for distribution within the United States. Lures found their way into retail locations relatively easily and just this year, rods have become more readily available. Though their presence has been felt and seen, we've never seen the Japanese manufacturing icon at ICAST. The question we've heard quite often and never really had an answer for is why not?


Recognize these baits?


Take a closer look, for we haven't seen them at ICAST before.


Well, 2012 marks the year Megabass Japan has taken on a new perspective, and this vision involves a more prominent presence here in North America. Their intent? More pervasive product distribution, better information regarding the design, intended application, and availability of product, and a subset of product that is actually tailored for the US market. That's right, Megabass is finally stepping out from behind the cultural mystique that defines their products' allure and they started it all by a show of force here at ICAST 2012. None other than the company's CEO himself, Yuki Ito, was on hand to show us what he has planned for the US market.


The closer you look, there more there is to see ...


There could really only be one company offering as many exquisite products as these.


New Visions: We're still busy fishing the Vision 110 Magnums and 110 plus 1 yet Yuki Ito is not done offering unique variations upon this lure. Here at ICAST 2012, he unveiled two prototypes for us to see.


And if those baits weren't a giveaway, these reels certainly are...

Cal's next acquisition.


Vision FX 110: Borrowing from the technology developed for their FX-9 jerkbaits, the Vision 110 receives FX technology. What's that mean? FX technology is Megabass's terminology for a hard bodied bait with a hinged front lip. What this lip does is bend out of the way during a cast helping you effectively obtain about 15-20% more distance on each cast compared to the same bait without the FX lip technology.


The Vision FX110 is a variable dynamic action bait.

Additionally, baits with the FX lip have a more erratic action or something Megabass calls a "variable dynamic action". The Vision FX 110 is said to swing wider than the original 110 while at the same time running a bit more shallow at depths of up to three to four feet. Retail price is projected to be $29.99 with availability at the end of 2012.


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