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ICAST 2009 Coverage

Sebile mixes it up with the new Magic Swimmer Soft Pro and Spin Shad


Date: 8/3/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Sebile
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: To say ICAST was a good show for Sebile would be an understatement. The company took home top honors in both the hard and soft lure category with the Magic Swimmer Soft Pro and the Spin Shad. These two lures garnered a lot of attention at the show when Patrick Sebile stood on top of the test tank and demonstrated the multiple ways anglers would soon be able to fish these lures.


Patrick Sebile demonstrates his newest lures at ICAST

Magic Swimmer Soft Pro: Sebileís original hard bodied Magic Swimmer has become a popular swimbait, and the company has had success with the entire spectrum of sizes. As with many swimbaits some anglers prefer to fish the soft bodied variety. For these anglers Sebile introduces the Magic Swimmer Soft Pro. While bearing a very similar profile to the original hard bodied bait the lure does offer some unique action and can be fished weedless.

The Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft Pro is a new soft version of the popular swimbait

One of the first things that Sebile had to do when creating a soft version was address the depth at which the lure could be fished. What they came up with was a smart adjustable system that makes use of tungsten.

The Soft Pro can be rigged weedless, the Tungsten-Rubber weights are adjustable

Rather than affix tungsten weights to the rubber the tungsten is actually embedded into the rubber compound itself, creating both an easy to adjust and effective sinking solution. Each compound ring weighs 1/32 oz and can be positioned wherever you want them on the hook.

Adjusting the weights changes the action of the lure

Why is this so significant? The ability to adjust the rubber rings on the hook gives anglers the ability to vary the baitís action depending on the application. With normal weighted hooks this simply isnít possible. By moving the tungsten weight up the shank of the hook the Soft Pro is now head weighted and you can get it to move erratically or even make it look like a baitfish foraging on the bottom. Want to balance out the lure towards the center of the body for a slower straight retrieve? Simply move the tungsten rubber rings back down the hook shank towards the bend.

The body has a cavity making it easier to rig

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