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ICAST 2009 Coverage

Basstar introduces SpinTech Treble hooks


Date: 8/2/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Basstar
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: Earlier this year we took a look at Basstar's first lure offering, the Proprunner. This bait came loaded with a rotating hook design and the company now introduces their new series of SpinTech treble hooks based on the same spinning hook concept.


Basstar takes the secret sauce from their lures and introduces SpinTech rotating hooks which can be now used on any lure


SpinTech Rotating Hooks: TroKar might have introduced the sharpest hooks of the show but Basstar had the most talked about treble hooks at ICAST with their rotating SpinTech hooks. Rather than use a swivel in the design the SpinTech hooks make use of a line tie pin for reliability.  


A close up of the tie pin design


The SpinTech line tie pin drops directly down the center of the treble hook so the hook remain balanced on any lure or bait. They are available in both freshwater and saltwater versions, and in standard or red finishes. Current size selections include #6, #4, #2, #1, 1/0, 2/0, and 3/0.


These hooks really spin freely!


The SpinTech treble hook is designed to reduce the chances of losing fish that use the leverage of the bait to spit out the hook. This is especially true in larger lures like swimbaits. Typical treble hooks attached to lures suffer limited range in angular rotation. In effect, they lock up in multiple positions and experience unnecessary leverage and torque that pry hooks out of fishs mouths.


SpinTech hooks will be sold in packs of four


SpinTechs unique ability to rotate infinitely in either direction eliminates the locking problem. SpinTech hooks reposition themselves with the changing momentum of struggling fish. These hooks are designed to improve positive hook set and provides more fluid control over fish, no matter how large the fish or how hard they fight. At the show we spun them and like the axle on a car they spun extremely freely, so much so that it was actually easy to catch the action on our cameras as the hook quickly rotated. The SpinTech hooks will be available in the next few weeks in packs of four for $6.99 and on Basstar's new DeepRunner baits.


SpinTech hooks will be available in a wide range of sizes and standard and red finishes


Next Section: Let's not forget Basstar has new baits too








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