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ICAST Coverage Day 3 (Rods) - Let the Rod Wars Begin! (continued)

Powell: It wasn't too long ago that Powell was entering the bass rod market after many years of just focusing on fly rods. The newcomer quickly rose up the ranks and Powell was one of the first US rod manufacturers to actively promote the benefits of custom split grip design. This season Powell continues to add new rods to their MAX lineup.


Keith Bryan shows us his new swimbait rod


President and CEO, Keith Bryan greeted us at the Powell booth to show us a couple of the ten new sticks hes added to his Max line of bass rods. Of particular interest was his one-piece 7-6 s-glass cranking stick that felt light and very nice in hand.

The new 8 foot heavy swimbait stick is a serious rod made for big baits

This rod is designed to serious cranking and can handle some very large crankbaits. The rod is designed to handle both the impact of the strike on the crankbait and allow some give in the rod during the fight, making it less likely for the fish to shake the bait.

A look at the graphite under the light

Another, rather serious stick was the new 8-0 extra-heavy duty swimbait stick rated from one half to a full pound in weight (8 - 16 ounces)! It will be both interesting and scary to see what new baits make it to the market that can test the upper limits of this rods casting ability.

The 7'6" s-glass cranking stick is designed for deep cranking

Like the rods before them these new rods feature the Powell split grip and a combination of gloss and matte finished blanks with blue threaded highlights.

The S-Glass rod may be thicker in diameter but the rod still felt well balanced overall

As the rod wars heat up it will become more and more difficult to distinguish features of one rod manufacturer to another. Luckily for Powell they were among the first to tout the split grip design, and are among the most recognizable on store shelves. 

The cranking rod makes use of Powell's signature split grip design

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