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Event Article: 2007 ICAST Rod Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 3 (Rods) - Let the Rod Wars Begin! (continued)

Lamiglas: Lamiglas like Loomis has been around for a long time, and has a large base of customers that have come to rely on the brand for everything from salmon sticks to application specific bass rods. It wasn't long ago when we reviewed the company's new XMG rods, which really surprised us when it came to how far the company was willing to go to address the high end market. At ICAST John Posey of Lamiglas showed us that he certainly wasn't done introducing exciting new offerings just yet.


John Posey showed us a wide range of Lamiglas rods. The company boasts one of the widest range of rods in the industry


New for Lamiglas this year is the introduction of their Super Surf Series of rods. These are the first rods of their kind to embrace the use of braided lines with design considerations made specifically for the demands these low-stretch lines put on our equipment.

The rack of all new rods for the 2008 season

Using a proprietary blend of intermediate and high modulus graphite, the blanks are designed to deliver unquestioned strength and durability while maintaining the agility and responsiveness of a traditional graphite surf rod. The rods feature Fuji Alconite Concept guides with underwraps for added security of the guides, and Fuji reel seats with cork tape grips.

A closer look at the rack and you can see that Lamiglas has quite a diverse offering

Another something new for Lamiglas this year is their Tropic Pro Jigging and Popping Line featuring 6 rods (2 casting plus 4 spinning) developed in answer to the growing, worldwide popularity of these two techniques. John Posey, National Sales Manager at Lamiglas is particularly proud of the jigging rods in this series.

A look at the new G1000 graphite handle

Dobyns Rods: The story at Dobyns Rods wasn’t so much what was new, but that the rods have finally started shipping and they had, on hand at ICAST, most of their entire lineup for inspection.

Fish are seeing more of the Dobyns rods everyday as more and more anglers are arming themselves with Gary's signature line

Our previous reports on this manufacturer featured prototype rods, but we were happy to see the full production models in Vegas including the much anticipated swimbait rods designed by both Mike Long and Gary Dobyns. Unfortunately, these sticks are not expected to be in full stock and out of backorder until sometime in September, yes...the demand has been that high.

Finally, a complete rack of actual production rods!

As many of you already know these rods are being distributed by Lamiglas, and the bulk of the models are available online via select e-tailers. More and more dealers are starting to pick up the rods as well, especially those that already carry Lamiglas house offerings.

Gary demonstrates the balance of his new swimbait stick

Though just introduced this year the Dobyns rods have gained quite a bit of steam, and fueled by demand in the West many anglers are starting to report their satisfaction with the new rods. One of Gary's biggest problems is keeping the rods in stock, and while it is a good problem to have, they are taking action to ramp production to meet demand. Will the Dobyns rods have what it takes to become more than just a boutique brand? Anglers are voting now with their pocketbooks, and while the verdict is still a long way out, this up and coming brand is one that should be watched. 

The Mike Long Special has arrived!

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