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Event Article: 2007 ICAST Lures Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 4 (Lures) - Swimbaits Reign Supreme (continued)

Daiwa: Daiwa's certainly not just a reel and rod manufacturer anymore, and the company's lures continue to gain popularity among bass anglers. This season Daiwa has expanded its freshwater lure family, introducing two new models, the DB Minnow SP and DC Classic Shad SP.  Both are designed to target bass and other freshwater game fish. In addition to unveiling these new lures, Daiwa is adding a larger “GV7-sized” offering (2 3/4 inches, 5/8 ounce) to its popular Game Vibe series.


Daiwa introduces two new lures at the show, the DB Minnow and DC Classic Shad SP


The DB Minnow is available in two sizes and eight patterns


Daiwa DB Minnow: The new Daiwa DB Minnow SP is a suspending jerkbait that dives to three feet, producing action that’s designed to target predators holding in the middle of the water column. The finish on these reels are very good, and on par with many of the premium Japanese counterparts. Anglers can choose either the DB Minnow DB9SP (3 3/4 inches, 1/3 ounce) or the larger DB11SP (4 3/4 inches, 1/2 ounce) – each available in a wide variety of fish-catching colors/patterns.


The Yellow Spot and Prizm Shad patterns


Check out the detailed finish on the DB Minnow


Retail packaging for the DC Shad, all of these lures will retail for only $6.95

DC Classic Shad SP: Daiwa’s new DC Classic Shad SP is a suspending plug that is designed to create an enticing wide wiggle upon retrieve. In murkier water, it can be cranked slowly for an even wider, rolling action. Two different sizes are offered the DC7MSP, a 2 7/8-inch, 3/8-ounce lure that dives to six feet, and the DC7DSP version, (2 7/8 inches, 2/5 ounce), which will dive to nine feet. Both of these lures feature detailed scale patterns and 3-D eyes for extra fish appeal.

The DC Shad comes in two diving depths with two distinct lip designs


So how much will these lures set you back? Daiwa has two tiers of lures and the Team Daiwa lures are aimed at the premium tackle market while the standard Daiwa models are intended to compete for the mainstream segment. All of these lures are surprisingly affordable, and will retail for $6.95 each.

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