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Event Article: 2006 ICAST Rod Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 2 (Rods) - Perfectly matching reels in application, balance, and style (continued)

Lipper/Evolution: Do tools and rods go hand in hand? Rick Wieder owner of Lipper and Evolution rods thinks so. Once you have gotten the fish boated the Lipper makes it easy to subdue fish and gain control while you are dehooking. Catch and release anglers love the tool as well because it also allows them to weigh the fish and get it back into the water faster. But the premium price of the Lipper has kept it out of the hands of many mainstream anglers...thus the Econo-Lipper was born.


Rick Wieder president of Lipper showcases the new Econo Lipper and Evolution rods


We know, we know. This is rod coverage. So before we go any further let's talk about Lipper's rods. The Evolution series of rods sacrifice weight for supreme power. These rods have gained popularity among inshore and salt anglers, primarily because they simply have more muscle than just about any rod out there.


Evolution GT rods have gained popularity, especially in the East Coast


The secret...going back to a solid carbon blank. These rods flex from the core through the surface in unison, and the entire blank from tip to butt helps support the fish. This makes it easier than ever to haul fish up from wrecks and through mangroves. For this year the lineup grows with more rods suited for both saltwater and freshwater applications.    


Introducing the Econo Lipper


Now back to tools for a minute. While the original Lipper retails for $99-$149.00 depending on model the Econo-Lipper is available for only $19.99! This no frills version of the tool may not be IGFA certifiable like it's more expensive sibling but it is ideal for the weekend angler. 


The Econo Lipper side by side with it's premium sibling 


Key differences include the materials used in it's construction, and the lack of a triggering mechanism. This tool like most out there needs to be held open. We were happy to see that the jaws do remain stainless steel, and the tool still has an integrated scale. 


The new Econo-Lipper is designed to compete with value offerings on the market


The Econo-Lipper should be an attractive product, and perfect complement to the Evolution rods. After all, if you fishing a Evolution rod, chances are that you are targeting a fish big enough to test that Neo-Carbon design.


Scott McIvor describes the need for a value version of the Lipper tool to Zander


The Econo-Lipper doesn't have a lock and trigger mechanism and is held open by depressing the collar


So often the mainstream angler gets left out, as manufacturer's focus their attention on only the premium brand-making solutions. Now that Lipper has a strong and growing following for their alternative to the Boga grip the Econo model should succeed at becoming their volume serious mover.

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