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Event Article: 2006 ICAST Rod Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 2 (Rods) - Perfectly matching reels in application, balance, and style (continued)

Kistler: We met up with Trey, President and owner of Kistler rods to talk about what was new with the fast growing rod manufacturer. The new Magnesium and Helium series rods were both doing very well, and for this year they wanted to improve on the series and further refine their offering as well as add rods to both lineups. For the Helium II series the most exciting new rods were a pair of telescopic flipping rods that are 7'6" and 7'11" in length. 


Zander and Cal talk shop with Anthony, FLW's angler of the year


These rods showcase the Helium II's ultralight feel, but offer a lot more power in the butt section. A new refinement in upcoming Helium II rods is a special alloy balancing counter weight added to the base of the rod. This helps balance out the rods and is designed to reduce friction against the surface of your shirt while fishing. Ever notice with foam corked rod butts how they sometimes hang up on your shirt when you are working them fast? Not an issue with these new rods.


The Helium II lineup expands


In addition to the alloy balancing weight aluminum checks are now being implemented on top of the reel seat, the result is a cleaner more sophisticated looking rod. These new Helium II's will start shipping in September.


New winding check on top of the reel seat on the new flipping stick


A polished Alloy counter balancing weight


Next up is Kistler's big volume mover...the Magnesium series. This year they are releasing a number of new rods most exciting of which is a rod specifically designed for chatterbait fishing. The chatterbait rod has a special tip that helps differentiate the trademark chatterbait wobble from strikes, and can deliver instant hooksets.


Anthony Gagliardi with a Helium II


Other rods coming out in the Magnesium series include a Heavy cover Fish Snatcher which is 6'8" in length, and a rod specifically designed for topwater jerkbait fishing which is also 6'8" in length. Like the Helium II rods these will also start popping up in stores in early September.


The Magnesium rods are Kistler's top sellers


The new Magnesium Chatterbait special


Kistler rods have grown in popularity over the last year and have been picked up by nationwide dealers along with local shops from coast to coast. The improvements that Trey has made to his already popular rods are sure to have a impact as the Kistler offering further differentiates itself and becomes more appealing to custom rod fanatics. 

Trey shows Cal the new enhancements to the series

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