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Event Article: 2006 ICAST Rod Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 2 (Rods) - Perfectly matching reels in application, balance, and style (continued)

Berkley: New for 2007 is a complete redesign of the popular Lightning Rod. These rods are now lighter, faster, more balanced, and stronger than ever before. Berkley didn’t only upgrade the performance of the rod but has also improved the rod's overall appearance as well. When you see it you’ll notice the components are much flashier than before, including the thread wraps, guides, reel seat, and more.


The Lightning Rod gets a makeover


Though improved in both  performance and appearance the price point of these rods are still excellent coming in at a retail price of only $34.99 to $39.99!


The rod features improved components


Even the reel seat has been modernized

Fenwick: Inshore anglers will have even more rods to choose from this year since Fenwick has jumped into the saltwater game by producing an Inshore series. These rods display great craftsmanship and are very detailed in design. Most noticeably these rods feature Corkalon Grips, which is quite unlike anything that we’ve seen before.

Whoa... the Corkalon looked just like cork/wood handles from just 3 feet away


This unique grip looks like cork but is actually a type of EVA made to resemble natural cork. Aside from the unique Corkalon this rod uses quality Fuji components all around such as SiC guides for durability against braided lines. Fenwick designed these rods to be technique and fish specific and comes in many models ranging from 6’6” all the way to 9’ rods, priced at about $199.99 to $349.99.


The look of cork, with the comfort and ease of maintenance of EVA

AiRRUS: Congratulations are in order to Ken, President of AiRRUS. That's right, AiRRUS has done it again, winning Best of Show for Freshwater Rods with their latest offering, the Pulsar GL. (For those of you counting that makes 4 ICAST Best of Show Awards!) This rod is very exclusive in many different ways that’ll take a PhD to explain in detail but we’ll do our best here.

Congratulations Ken! That makes 4 Best of Show Awards!

The AiRRUS Pulsar GL incorporates AiRRUS’ filament winding, second generation NANO technology, and S2 glass fibers, all put together into one rod, different sections, to product the perfect action for bass anglers.

The new Protecta hook hanger design


The Pulsar GL takes the best of the Ultra and takes it up a notch

The Pulsar GL uses AiRRUS’ innovative split trigger reel seat, TiCH frames and inserts, and sport a new Protecta rail hook keeper. As you can see in our photos that the grip is made of graphite which means you grip onto the blank itself at all times, providing superb sensitivity.

The handle is all graphite, you would think it might be slippery, but actually it is both comfortable and easy to grasp

The butt cap helps balance out this rod nicely

The fully exposed blank through reel seat design from the Ultra XL remains

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