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Event Article: 2008 Fred Hall Long Beach Coverage

Fred Hall Long Beach Show: Part 2 - Saltwater Coverage (continued)

Shimano cont'd: The Technique: Though bottom fishing isn't new this system is so there's a short learning curve. Many anglers will learn how to fish the Lucanus jigging system after a few tries but we got the inside scoop directly from Shimano on this fishing technique and the best method on working the entire setup.


The rod features a unique hook-keeper integrated into the handle


First the selection of the Lucanus Jigs. When I go rockcod fishing with irons like the Megabait Live Jigs, I hit up the bigger sizes for deeper waters. That's different with the Lucanus Jigs because of the lure's hydrodynamic design. You can easily fish the two ounce lure and still fish deep waters. These lures will drop down to the bottom quickly when matched with the right reel and line.


Both hooks can be attached into the multi-holed hook-keeper. Notice the contour of the hypalon is carved to fit the profile of the Lucanus Jig


Speaking on the line, here's what Robby Gant of Shimano recommends anglers to spool up on the Calcutta TE 400LJV. First spool the reel using your favorite 20 to 30 pound braided line. Then add a monofilament wind-on leader exclusively designed for the Lucanus jigging technique. The mono line stretches allowing the fish to almost hook itself by alleviating any tension.


Justin Poe of Shimano teaches anglers how to fish with the Lucanus Jig System


Now that you have your gear and it is matched with the right line and lure size, it's time to go bottom fishing. You can pretty much work the lure as you would any other iron baits and will most likely catch fish but to be most effective with the Lucanus jig here's what Shimano recommends. "The technique is a simple drop the jig to the bottom, slowly retrieve seven to eight cranks, do a freespool drop, slowly retrieve again until you hook up," says Gant. "You'll quickly get a feel of where in the water column the fish are, and can target that depth on your next drop."


The Calcutta TE 400LJV is a perfect size for vertical jigging


Because of  the double Owner hook system, Robby Gant says that when you feel the bite, instead of a quick hookset you might do if you had an iron down below, you want to keep reeling and lift the rod tightly until the fish hooks itself. By applying this reel and lift technique your hook-up ratio will surely increase.


Robby shows Zander all the complete Lucanus Jig System


Accessories: The Lucanus Jig System isn't only the jig, rod, and reel but also includes accessories to complete the formula. Shimano offers replacement skirts and trailers in the matching colors, replacement double hooks, and Shimano's exclusive wind-on monofilament leaders in 20, 30, or 40 pound test. In addition, like the unique hook-keeper for the Lucanus jigs, Shimano has introduced a Jig storage bag which includes two 3600 size boxes with waterproof PVC lure beds and custom cut dividers to separate the jig heads from the hooks and trailers. The Jig Storage Bag retails for $39.99. Replacement skirts/trailers $2.00. Replacement multiple hooks $5.99. Wind-on leaders for $12.99.


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