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Line Review

Presenting the Much Anticipated and Highly Overdue TackleTour Fluorocarbon Showdown!! (continued)

Maxima Fluorocarbon: Maxima has always been one of the favorite lines of fisherman seeking a strong, durable line. The popularity of their Ultra Green monofilament speaks to itself. Naturally, we were excited to see them offer a fluorocarbon product and were anxious to find a spool to throw into our mix of lines.



Maxima Fluorocarbon retails for $16.99/200yds or $0.08/yd


P-Line Halo & Fluorocarbon: Halo is a brand new product from P-Line representing their latest 100% Fluorocarbon offering. It will be interesting to see how well it stacks up, not only to the other lines, but to the previous generation, P-Line Fluorocarbon (one of Zander's go-to lines), as well.


P-Line Halo retails for $24.99/200yds or $0.12/yd


P-Line Fluorocarbon retails for $16.99/250yds or $0.07/yd


Seaguar InviszX & Carbon Pro: Seaguar has been widely regarded as one of the pioneers in this arena of all purpose, 100% fluorocarbon lines. Their Carbon Pro product was one of the first on the market. InvisX represents their latest generation offering and is the primary subject of our investigation from Seaguar.


Seaguar InvisX retails for $16.95/200yds or $0.08/yd


Sugoi Fluorocarbon by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits: Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits has a strong reputation for providing quality products. Their Sugoi Fluorocarbon line is example of this tradition and another of our premium fluorocarbon line samples.


Sugoi Fluorocargon retails for $21.98/98yds or $0.22/yd


Sunline Shooter: If you've paid attention to our Enthusiast Reviews, it is no secret, Cal has been using this line and using it a lot. He sampled it on recommendation from a good friend, and the product has earned his confidence ever since. But at the cost of close to $30 for a single filler spool, he's open to change and was very anxious to get on with this showdown!


For our tests, we chose Sunline's Shooter FC, but Sniper is actually their best selling line and retails for $17.99/110yds or $0.16/yd


Toray SuperHard: New to the US Market, but no stranger to the Japanese Market place is Toray. Reportedly, one of the big OEM fluorocarbon shops, we found this spool of line at our local tackle store at the astonishing cost of $38.99 for a 164yard spool - OUCH!


Toray Superhard retails for $38.99/164yds or $0.24/yd


Triple Fish Fluorocarbon: One of the two lines manufactured in Germany (Maxumia Fluorocarbon is the other), Triple Fish is one of the most affordable fluorocarbon lines out there. This is one of the first products we purchased when beginning our investigation as we really wanted to check out this lower priced product and compare it against its Japanese manufactured counterparts.


Triple Fish Fluorocarbon retails for $7.99/200yds or $0.04/yd


Yozuri H20: Most famous for their Hybrid copolymer line, Yo-Zuri introduced us to their 100% Fluorocarbon H20 product at ICAST 2006. It hit the stores just a few short weeks ago and we gobbled up a couple of spools to see what's shaking with this new product. We should note that the 10lb test line represented in our tests just barely measured out at 0.30mm. We considered upgrading to the 12lb test, but that measured out at 0.35mm with our calipers.


Yozuri H20 retails for $15.99/200yds or $0.08/yd


Berkley Trilene XL - the Baseline: As much as this report is a basis of comparison between brands, it is also validation, of sorts, against the general fluorocarbon industry performance claims versus monofilament. We therefore had chose one of the more popular monofilament models against which to compare our collection of fluorocarbon lines. The winner was Berkley's Trilene XL in 12lb test.


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