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Rod Review

Do You Believe in Micro-Magic? WTF!! : Duckett Fishing's Medium Powered Spinning Rod (continued)

Field Tests: In the spirit of What the Finesse (WTF!), Zander and I headed to Clear Lake, California for some early season jig head and drop shot fishing. I paired the DFMM70MS with a brand new Stella FE 3000, spooled the reel up with some eight pound Sunline Shooter Metan Invisible, and tied on the new Zappu Tungsten Mustang jig head with an Owner Shiver Tail soft plastic. Can you tell it’s the start of a new review season here at TackleTour?

The DFMM70MS casts like any other spinning rod.

Casting: The moment of truth. We already know from our own experience that casting distance is unaffected with the use of micros. We also know that casting rods outfitted with micros tend to be more crisp during a cast because there is less weight out at the end of the rod. Of course, that was via a comparison of two rods built on the same blank one with micros and one without.

A look at the decorative rings at the rear handle.

We had no such luxury when testing the DFMM70MS so all we could go with was how this individual stick felt. In the end? Following that first cast, the fact that this rod had a set of micro guides on it was an after thought. Distance, accuracy, etc. were all non issues. The only place I could see the micro-guides on this rod coming into play is if you wanted to rig this stick up for some float and fly or just standard bobber fishing action. You will not be able to get bobber stoppers through the guides.

And another above the reel seat.

Power: The DFMM70MS is a medium powered stick with no line or lure ratings on the rod itself. A visit to the manufacturer’s website reveals “Boyd’s Suggested Uses” as being 1/8 oz Shakey head and ½ oz drop shot, light worm. No other rating information is given on this stick.

The only spec's on this rod? "Medium Power".

Traditionally, we do not WRACK all the spinning rods we intend to review because most are light to ultra-light in power and everyone knows what to expect out of a light to ultra-light powered spinning stick. The only real differences tend to show in their taper, and that is something that can be assessed visually by handling the rod.

Lab Results for Duckett Fishing Micro-Magic DFMM70MS

Avg RoD (1-32 oz)
Measured Weight (oz)
Balance Point (inches)
Balancing Torque (ftlbs)
Duckett Fishing Micro-Magic DFMM70MS

But of course, this is a new themed year and since the DFMM70MS comes with no manufacturer ratings and since it is a bit heavier than what we traditionally use in spinning gear, we strapped it up for a belated appointment with our RoD WRACK.

Fig 1 : This chart illustrates the deflection characteristics of the DFMM70MS (red) versus a 0 power (yellow) and 2 power (blue) spinning rod from G.Loomis. The DFMM70MS comes with no lure or line ratings but from this chart, one can conclude this stick falls in line with a 3 power spinning classification by G.Loomis standards.

What we’re using as a basis for comparison in our WTF!! RoD charts are two formerly reviewed sticks from rod manufacturing giant, G.Loomis. These are the DSR820S GLX  and SMR822-SP GLX (Dropshot GLX and Bronzeback GLX respectively). These sticks may still not be easy to find in your local tackle shop, but the relative “0” and “2” powers from G.Loomis are relatively consistent within the brand and that is the reason for their use here as a guide in our baseline reference.

The DFMM70MS charts and fishes like a 3 power spinning rod from G.Loomis.

Judging from the DFMM70MSs performance in the lab, wed classify it one power greater than the SMR822-SP, so you want line and lure ratings, youd probably be safe in the range of 1/8 oz to ounce in lure weight and 8 to 17lbs in line test.

If you find this rod on a rack at the store, this is all the information you will get from its ratings.

Out on the water, the DFMM70MS feels every bit the three power stick, so for those who prefer spinning gear over casting gear, this is a good “medium”, bordering on “medium-heavy” power option.

For field tests, we tied on a Zappu 1/8 oz tungsten Mustang head and an Owner Shiver Tail Worm.

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