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Reel Review

Daiwa’s Pluton can be described with one word…. Solid (continued)

Real World Test: To test the Pluton we jigged iron for rockfish at the end of the season off the Northern California coast as well as put in a serious amount of hours in slinging swimbaits for bass both from the shore of various Norcal lakes and targeted stripers on the Delta from the decks of our boats. Testing time was split between two editors and the reel was paired with a number of different rods including Mattlures, Dobyns, and G.Loomis sticks.

While created for saltwater and inshore fishing the Pluton is also an excellent big bait reel


Casting: The Pluton proved to be a very fine caster, especially when it came to swimbaits. We actually found the second reel we tested better than the first run sample, not only did it feel smoother on retrieves but the bearings seemed to be better lubricated and the real world result was a smoother and longer cast.


The Pluton turned out to be an excellent caster

The Pluton’s magnetic cast control implementation is easier to use than the already well designed externally adjusted cast control on the Luna. Like most premium Daiwa reels the Pluton makes use of a magnetic cast control system which is housed in the interior of the removable sideplate and cast control is adjusted externally.

The Pluton isn't flashy and features a clean utilitarian design that is simple yet elegant

There is a black ring that encircles the non handle sideplate which rotates back and forth with an indicator that lines up with laser engraved marks engraved on the sideplate. The ring rotates easily by applying pressure with one finger and there is an audible click making it easy to make slight adjustments in the field.

Casting swimbaits from shore...

Retrieving: The Pluton is all about power during retrieve is among the very best round reels we have tested to date. The Pluton feels more like the Saltiga than the Luna during retrieves and the robust gearing coupled with the ultra strong machined aluminum frame add up to a “tank” of a reel.

...the Pluton makes it easy to make cast control adjustments on the fly with the externally adjustable cast control system

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