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Featured Article: Inside the Manufacturer

An Inside Update from Team Daiwa…and the first look at the new “A” model Steez rods!


Date: 2/20/07
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

It isn’t everyday you have the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at a Tier 1 reel manufacturer like Daiwa, and while a lot of projects are still under lock and key in preparation for the upcoming ICAST show, the team at Daiwa did share a lot of exciting new products with us. Some of these products are designed specifically for the US market, others are being tested and considered, and still others were created specifically for applications outside the US….but we found all of them exciting!


Is that a broken Steez rod?


Daiwa has always been known for innovation, and here in the US most anglers know them for their ultra refined reels. Daiwa has been expanding their brand equity with premium lure offerings, and recently they went from having a mainstream rod offering to a full blown enthusiast lineup with their popular Steez rods.  


No...that is the new 2 piece Steez flipping stick


What many anglers don’t realize is that Daiwa has been doing this all along in their home market. In Japan anglers can find premium products in every category. That’s why we were so happy to hear that they were creating two Steez rods just for the American market when we first interviewed Ish Monroe, who is involved in the testing of the prototypes. We just had to go to the source and find out more.


The base of the prototype

That source was none other than Daiwa’s rod Product Manager, Bobby Saraya, the man that US anglers can thank for bringing the Steez lineup to the US in the first place. Not only did he confirm that there were two new “A” models, (“A” for American) being introduced but he showed them to us.

The stick features the same Steez insert


The first rod we checked out was a very robust yet very lightweight new flipping stick making use of the higher end Compile-X graphite. The STZ802HFBA is an 8 foot two piece stick. The design allows anglers to shorten the stick during transport, a big plus for anglers running smaller boats with shorter rod lockers. The two piece design is similar to the one found on the Cielo rods, but is even more refined. When the two sections are put together it is hard to tell this is a two piece rod at all.


The prototype Steez worming rod


The second “A” model rod is the STZ701MHFBA which is an extremely sensitive stick designed specifically for worming and jigging. This will be a very popular rod among enthusiasts looking for an ultimate balance of light overall weight, sensitivity, and lifting power.


A close up of the unfinished reel seat

Retail prices on the rods are yet to be decided but they will be priced inline with the existing Steez lineup…better start saving now. The next burning question, when will they be available? Unfortunately anglers still have to wait a bit longer as the formal introduction for these rods will be at ICAST this July.

Bobby shows us the new Steez rods, designed specifically for the US market

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