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Rod Review

Introducing the Twain-esque Daiko Burroughs (continued)

  Power: The power of this rod is very akin, again to the St. Croix EC68MXF. Both rods are more powerful than their ratings might otherwise indicate. The G.Loomis MBR842C and MBR782C sticks share the same lure weight rating, but are no where near as powerful as either this or the St. Croix. In fact, this rod feels more powerful than our four shootout rods (save maybe the Nories) and it's rating is below all four of them! I didn't manage any big fish with this rod to really test its capabilities, but I've no doubt it can handle a good size bass even if hooked within a fair amount of cover.


Though reportedly, no longer rolling their own blanks, Daiko still makes their rods in Japan - or so the label says


Daiko prides themselves on the quality of their rods. Our BRSC68M is a testament to this quality


Features: With the same attention to detail we've come to expect from all Japanese Domestic Market rods, Daiko does not disappoint with the Burroughs. The rods feature Fuji Titanium Framed SiC guides, small diameter Hypalon grips, an integrated lock-ring foregrip, and a beautifully finished, non-exposed blank reel seat. The composition, while more simple than Megabass, is still quite extraordinary and really rivals that of our Evergreen Crossfire sticks.


The lockring on our BRSC68M is integrated into the reel seat's lockring and as such, floats free from the rod's blank


Perhaps this lockring integrated foregrip design is the reason for the rod's extraordinary sensitivity


Application: It was hard to get off of the horizontal bait presentation with this rod and reel combo. As such, I did not fish any plastics with it - not even the Senko. Given its similarities to the St. Croix EC78MXF, however, I've no doubt it can handle those types of baits as well. In fact, this rod would do really well as a heavier action drop shot rod. It is really, very versatile.


This contrasting color detail can be found on close examination of the foregrip/lockring


The simple and attractive logo of Daiko's Burroughs line of rods


A shot of the rod's reel seat sans (without) reel

Warranty: Here's where the luck runs out. Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) rods warranties apply only in the country of intended distribution and sale. What does that mean? Absolutely zero warranty coverage in the United States UNLESS you purchase from a dealer who will act on warranty claims on your behalf. If you want to acquire one of these or any other JDM fishing rod, and warranty coverage is important to you, be sure to check with your retailer on how such claims might be handled.


Daiko Burroughs BRSC68M Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Very well assembled rod with typical attention to detail we've come to expect from JDM rods 10
Performance Extraordinary sensitivity 9
Price Very attractively priced for a JDM rod 8
Features The only thing really missing was a hook keeper. Some may long for an exposed blank reel seat, but it was simply a no factor with this rod. Ti framed SiC guides. And yes, it does come with a very nice rod sleeve. 9
Design (Ergonomics) We particularly enjoyed the thin diameter of the grip combined with the Hypalon material... this is a very comfortable rod to hold 9
Application A very good all purpose stick 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Good value for a JDM rod L Add shipping to the costs to the total acquisition price and this rod is much less attractive
J Extremely sensitive L No hook hangar
J Top end components  
J Very Good Sensitivity  


This chunky 2.5 lb bass was easily subdued yet still great fun on our BRSC68M

Conclusion: As far as we're concerned, the stories of Daiko's demise have been greatly exaggerated. The Burroughs BRSC68M that we tested here is as fine and fun a stick as we've come across. It has a very subtle, elegant, and refined feeling about it and is simply a joy to wield. I was having too much fun chucking small to medium sized cranks on this setup to switch around baits, but I'm confident it will fish jigs and plastics just as well as cranks. It feels too similar to the St. Croix EC68MXF not to perform well in those categories. Looking to sample some of what the JDM rod has to offer, but are leary of some of the costs? Daiko's line of Burroughs rods may be for you. The BRSC68M, in particular, is a fabulous stick.


The Daiko Burroughs can be purchased here: http://www.plat.co.jp/english/daiko/top.htm














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