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Fly Fishing Tool Review

Landing and protecting your catch with Brodin Streambase Trout nets

Date: 7/29/02
Tackle type: Fly Fishing Tools
Manufacturer: Brodin Nets
Reviewer: Buzz

Total Score: 8.66

Introduction: S
ince most fly-fishermen practice catch and release the majority of the time they are on the water, selecting the proper net for this practice is essential.  There are many different landing nets on the market that are comprised of many shapes, sizes, and materials.  Brodin makes a variety of fishing nets that can match up with any anglerís type of fishing.

Brodin Streambase Trout Net Specifications

Net material Cristobal
Overall Length 23"
Net Opening 10" x 15"
MSRP $36.00

Streambase Model Nets by Brodin are great nets for landing and releasing fish.  They are quite a bit cheaper than traditional nets, yet are still durable enough to handle strenuous fishing environments.  We take a look at the Trout Model net by Brodin to see just how good it is as an all around net for catching and releasing River Trout.

The Streambase Trout Net features a nicely contoured handle made of high quality Cristobal wood


The field tests: When I first used this net I was very impressed with how comfortable it was while on my back.  Unlike many nets it is not cumbersome and annoying.  Its large gap mesh material allows you to hold the fish in the net, without taking off the fishes protective slime layer that is essential for swimming and fighting off disease.

A slight upgrade to our test net, the Brodin "Quick Release" attachment is fantastic

You can actually release your catch easily without having to take the fish completely out of the water.  Steambaseís Trout model net is not enormously deep in mesh material.  This helps you remove the hook from the fishís mouth while it is in the net.  With other nets that have a very deep mesh pocket you to remove the fish from the net in order to get the hook out of its mouth.  The more handling a fish requires to release, the lesser its chances of surviving.  Streambase nets also allow you to hold the fish with the large gap mesh material, without hurting it.

Handling your catch while in the net is easy with the Stremabase's shallow mesh design

I was also surprised at how durable this net was.  It is comprised of Cristobal wood, which is very strong, yet very light.  The interior mesh is stitched once every inch of the inside base of the net.  This makes the weight capacity of the net very strong.  This is a big plus if you happen to land that big lunker.


Landing and releasing fish is made easier with a Streambase net, which is easily handled even when fishing solo


The only problem I ran into with this net is the hooks getting caught in the mesh material.  This problem occurs whenever you use mesh nets, and the hook falls out of the fishes mouth while it is in the net.  The best way to avoid this problem is to use a rubberized net instead of mesh. Brodin offers this option on some of its nets if this problem gives you too much grief.  Otherwise, just allocate a bit more patience as you take time to  remove the hook from the mesh with a pair of forceps.



Brodin Streambase Trout Net Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Cristobal Wood.  Very Strong, yet very light.  Also have option of upgrading to Teak wood for added strength and durability for a higher cost. 8
Performance No complaints here.  All the elements a good catch and release net should have. 9
Price Streambase Nets are significantly cheaper than Brodin's Classic Series Nets.  Steambase Trout Model is only 36.00 compared to Brodinís Classic 58.00  MSRP. 9.5
Features Great Mesh material for easily releasing the fish.  However, you have to pay $15.99 extras to get Brodinís Quick release attachment.   Original release that accompanies the net is adequate, but not ideal. 8
Design (Ergonomics) Good design makes landing and releasing fish easy 8
Application The Trout model is the best all around net for fishing trout streams.  However, if you target big fish you will want to consider Brodinís Cutthroat model or Madison model.  Brodin has a net for every angler no matter your preference or what size the fish you are targeting. 9.5

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Price  very cost effective alternative to many nets on the market L Must pay extra for Quick Release attachment
J Strong yet lightweight L  Hooks get caught in mesh occasionally
J Good Wide-Gap mesh for releasing fish without taking off too much of its protective slime  

All in all, the Streambase Trout model net incorporates all the characteristics a good catch and release net should have.  A large net opening diameter, not to deep of a mesh pocket, a strong cristobal wood material, and an easy release clasp.  This clasp can actually be upgraded to Brodinís Quick Pull Clasp.  This allows you to release the net from your vest with one quick pull.  I highly recommend this add-on if you want the easiest access to your net.  Cost for Quick Release $15.99.









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