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Lure Review

The Basstar Big Mac, two Spintech Trebles and Special Sauce


Date: 9/26/09
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Basstar
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.16 - GREAT

When it comes to crankbait fishing at the tournament level nobody does it better than FLW Pro Randy McAbee. Randy has credited a number of his wins to crankbaits and has now teamed up with Basstar to create his own signature crank which is appropriately called the “Big Mac.”


Basstar Big Mac Specifications

Type Crankbait
Depth Deep diving (15-24)
Weight 1oz.
Size 3"
Hooks #2 Spintech
Colors/Patterns 4
MSRP $12.99


The Big Mac is the new signature crank designed by Basstar and pro angler Randy McAbee


Impressions: The Basstar Big Mac makes use of a number of the company’s previous innovations including a dimple surface design and Spintech treble hooks. In profile the Big Mac probably most resembles a Norman DD22 only bigger. Though both lures are 3” in length the Big Mac features a larger more prominent lip design and weighs 3/8oz. more than the Norman DD22 making it a full 1oz. in weight.  


The Big Mac is available in four patterns

The Big Mac is currently available in only four patterns, Chartreuse Blue Back, McAbee Special which is a semi-translucent green craw, Red Black Craw and SX Shad which is also translucent. While there are not a lot of colors currently available Basstar and Randy McAbee wanted to start with a range that covered a wide spectrum of applications and types of forage ranging from crawfish to baitfish.

A look at the retail packaging

The paint finishes look high-quality and the company makes use of a variety of elements including pearl fleck paint to increase the amount of flash in the water. Each of the four available patterns has a distinctive look and feel but all come with the same 3D eyes and that gigantic lip. 

Randy explains the design details of his new crankbait

Real World Tests: To test the Big Mac I head to both the California Delta and Clear Lake earlier this season. I can’t say the crankbait bite was ever on fire but we did get a few days of solid crank fishing in. We used a variety of heavier crankbait rods and both mono and fluorocarbon lines to achieve the desired diving depths. Time to see if this Big Mac really satisfies...

The team at Basstar show their new baits at the recent ICAST show in Las Vegas

Casting: Weighing in at a full ounce the Big Mac is an easy bait to cast with just about any rod rated medium and up. The Big Mac features the same dimple design we first observed on the company’s deep running Dredger crankbait. These dimples take a cue from the golf world and are designed to make the bait more aerodynamic. Without a miniature wind tunnel in the lab it is hard to verify these claims but in the real world tests the design certainly didn’t hurt the lure’s casting ability. This lure is a no-brainer when it comes to casting and can sail through the air a good distance with a simple lob cast, load up and the Big Mac can spool lower capacity baitcasters.

A serious crankbait rod is required to fish this heavy lure

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