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Behind the Scenes

An Inside Look: The TackleTour Lab - Bring Up 

Date: 1/1/13
Location: TackleTour Lab,
Palo Alto, California
Reviewer: Team TT

Introduction: Happy New Year to all our loyal readers! What a season last year was, full of lots of long distance driving, exciting industry events, a few quality fish and a whole lot of new tackle to talk about. Our "Creature Fever" put us face to face with more zany multi-appendage baits than ever before, and we were only able to get through half the list of baits and related rods designed for fishing creatures, so this year we are “going native,” getting back to fishing the bite, and focusing on a combination of all our previous themes. Anything goes in our pursuit for the fish and exploring all the new tackle available to anglers in the coming season.





When it finally came time to settle into our new lab we found a vacant facility, the rent was reasonable but the only catch was we had to do all the renovation ourselves

Part of our expanded coverage includes a more in depth look at tackle by further leveraging the tools in our lab. If you are a regular reader you have already seen the lab at work, it is where do all of our preliminary product measurements, break down reels before and after field tests, cut open tackle in our autopsy series and conduct our indoor product and event photo shoots.

Zander takes care of the demolition

What you may not know is that it has also become home base for TackleTour, it is where we meet to plan out our editorial calendar, process images and even write articles. Over the last two years we have received a great many emails asking for a behind the scenes look at the lab, and to kick off 2013 we are winding back the clock a few years to show you just how the lab came to be. Come join us for a peek at the place we call “TT HQ.” 

Taking down the drywall was the easy part, there is a slow way...

The Lab Construction: It is no secret we had very humble beginnings and for many years we were operating out of garages. Zander set up a workspace in his garage which included our early hand operated rigs to test drag pressure and line strength while JIP created a photo studio to shoot reels and lures in his garage. Things got even more complex when Cal joined the staff and we created the rod WRACK to standardize rod measurements.

...and a fast way

While most of the exciting stuff happens on our floating offices (AKA our boats), there is a lot of work and data correlation that goes on in the lab, and then there is the business of actually writing of course. As we started expanding the metrics in our tests and ramping up the types of tackle we wanted to cover it became apparent we needed a new home.

The initial demo goes quicker than expected

Palo Alto, CA was selected as the new home for our lab as it was centrally located between all of us in the Bay Area, and no more than an hour away from our favorite fishing water of the Delta or the Coast. We acquired a facility that had most recently been vacated by a cosmetics supply store. The rent was reasonable for the prime location but there was a catch, it was up to us to do all the renovation ourselves. We loaded the trucks up with the tools and got to work.

Taking it down to the studs


Next Section: The Demolition continues









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