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Lure Review

Creature Feature : Getting Squirrely With Big Bite Baits


Date: 5/25/12
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Big Bite Baits
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.83 - GOOD

Is there any more generic or innocuous bait in bass fishing than the plastic worm? In our efforts to bring you relevant themes around which to build our reviews these last several years, plastics seemed like a natural next option. Just about everyone uses them and in any decent tackle store that specializes in bass fishing gear, plastics take up a good majority of wall space. We noticed we needed to bump up our articles in this area, so Creature Fever was born.


Is there any more generic or innocuous bait in bass fishing than the plastic worm?


Trouble is, this fever has just about knocked out our editorial staff. I mean really, what is there to say about a soft plastic bait to really warrant a full blown review? To catch our eye, any product, but a soft plastic bait especially, will have to have some little quality, however small, to make it stand out from the crowd. Big Bit Bait’s “Squirrel” series has just that. Made in the shape of a typical plastic worm and also a lizard type creature, these products offer anglers something a little different but all together important when fishing soft plastics. Presenting our review of Big Bit Baits Squirrel Tail Worm and Flying Squirrel.


Big Bite Baits Squirrel Tail Worm & Flying Squirrel Specifications

Product Squirrel Tail Worm Flying Squirrel
Type Shakey/Finesse Worm Hog/Lizard Bait
Material Soft Plastic Soft Plastic
Colors/Patterns ~16 ~10
Sizes 4.5" & 6" 5"
Scent Bite Juice Bite Juice
# per package 10 both sizes 7
Resealable Bag? Yes Yes
MSRP $2.99 $3.49


Impressions: These days, most manufacturers in the bass fishing industry rely upon prominent members of their pro-staff to lend their names and tweaking tips to specific products. Big Bit Baits is no different and one of their more well known pros, Elite Series Pro Jeff Kriet, has his name behind the Squirrel Tail products.


Introducing Big Bite Bait's Squirrel Tail Worm


A closer look at that tail.

The unique feature of Kriet's signature series Squirrel Tail products? Naturally the feature that lends to the product's name and that's an oversized tip on the tail that floats up giving these baits an upright profile in the water that works well for all standup bait presentations like shakey worms, jig trailers, Texas rigs, etc..

The Flying Squirrel is part of the same series.


These baits are Jeff Kriet's Signature Series.

In both cases, the tail section is connected to the rest of the bait by a very thin section of soft plastic to give that tip section more freedom of movement as it's floating upright in the water. In the case of the worm, the front section is pretty typical and mimics a night crawler (aka an earthworm).

The Flying Squirrel is Big Bite Bait's take on the hybrid lizard.


Featuring a ribbed body with hook slits.

The Flying Squirrel on the other hand features two of these tail sections connected to a main body that's a cross between a creature bait and lizard. In bass fishing terms, the front of the Flying Squirrel looks very much like a Zoom Brush Hog.

And these peculiar rear fins.

Field Tests: It doesn’t take long to figure out if a soft plastic bait is going to work for you or not, nonetheless, we’ve been fishing Big Bite Baits’ Squirrel products for the better part of a year now mostly at Clear Lake, CA.

The Squirrel Tail Worm was designed to be fished on a shakey head.


The Flying Squirrel in action under water.

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