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It isn't just swimbaits at the Anglers Marine 22nd Annual Bass-A-Thon (continued) 

Funnel Bait: The Funnel Bait is a interesting new lure from Aqueous Outdoors that can be categorized as a swimbait, but we consider it a hybrid of sorts. This lure uses "internal flow technology" to create movement in the tail section. The large mouth of this bait acts as a funnel driving water through the lure until it makes contact with the tail which has an internal fin that causes the tail to swing side by side as the lure is retrieved.


The Funnel Bait is a new class of swimbait


The patent pending Funnel Bait is constructed out of a one piece heavy duty stainless steel frame and durable polypropylene body. The tail is a durable soft plastic that can actually be switched out by pulling out the hinge pin.    


The Funnel Bait has a huge mouth which drives water back towards the tail to create action


The lure comes with a hook located under the head and the bait contains no lead whatsoever. Each lure is 4 1/2" in length and weighs in at 3/4oz. There are currently four patterns available, Perch, Silver Baitfish, Rainbow Trout, and Pearl (basically a white lure). At the show the team at Aqueous Outdoors showed us a new bass pattern as well. 


Switching tails only takes seconds, and the company sells extra tails separately


The Funnel Bait retails for $19.95 each and comes with a single tail. Extra replacement tails are sold in packs of seven with two extra hinge pins for $5.99. The internal flow technology looks interesting and we look forward to seeing how this bait actually performs in the field.


The team at Aqueous Outdoors show us the innovative Funnel bait


Skinny Bear: Skinny Bear was founded in 1985 and since then has been hard at work introducing new jigs and this season is diversifying even further. The company also offers a number of soft baits including swimbaits and soft jerkbaits.


Check out the skirt on Skinny Bear's latest jig


Skinny Bear's newest jig features a substantial skirt and is constructed out of a combination of rubber and silicon for a unique in the water flare out pattern. The jighead features three coats of paint and a 425 strand fiber guard. There will be twelve colors available and the jigs will retail for 3.99 each.


The jigs flare out in a major way under water


Looking for a bigger worm to target those lunkers? Skinny Bear's new hand poured worms are extremely long in length at 10 1/2"  and 15" and features a large paddletail. These baits will come in packs of three for approximately five dollars. There will be twelve colors available at time of launch, which should be right around the new year.


Skinny Bear will be introducing new monster sized worms in the New Year


Another interesting service that Skinny bear provides is the ability to customize jigs and spinnerbaits. If you are looking for something different or simply want to design your own unique pattern for your local water. Anglers can contact Skinny bear and specify lure designs down to the colors and even the materials. Skinny Bear will custom hand tie your lure exactly to your specifications, now that's what we call service.  


Loren Serda the owner of Skinny Bear shows us his new jig and hand poured worms



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