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Reel Review

Is the Revo MGX the New Lightweight King? (continued)

The results? We were able to easily cast our one-eighth ounce test bait (a four inch straight tail finesse worm rigged with a centering pin, no hook) with each reel although both Pixy reels outdistanced the MGX by at least five feet. Max distance on the MGX with our eighth ounce test bait was about thirty feet.

The MGX's line guide is titanium coated.

We could not get the MGX to pitch this bait very easily although we were able to pitch our three sixteenth ounce casting plug with the MGX about twenty feet. Both interpretations of the Pixy were able to handle pitching duties with the eighth ounce test bait and were good for about twenty to twenty five feet per pitch.

The MGX features a swept carbon handle and EVA knobs.

Retrieve: There are actually two versions of the MGX : a 7.1:1 and 7.9:1 retrieve ratio. Our lefty MGX is of the 7.9:1 variety. While in the lab, we tested the this reel's rate of retrieve at about thirty inches per turn of the handle. This measurement was taken with a full spool of line and not very much line out of the reel. Results will of course vary and actually go down based upon how much line is out of the reel.

Just in case you forgot the reel's gear ratio.

Mechanically, the MGX is very smooth and lacks little in power during the retrieve. It is not as effortless as say the Shimano Chronarch D or Daiwa Zillion Type R, but for a reel targeted at the finesse crowd, it can more than hold its own.

The main gear is cut from aircraft grade aluminum.

Drag: The Revo MGX sports a single, Carbontex-like dragwasher that yields about five pounds of smooth, consistent pressure when cranked down. While not up to the gaudy standards set by its original Revo counterparts, five pounds of pressure is more than sufficient for finesse baitcaster built to pursue largemouth bass.

A look inside ...

Extreme Tests: Of course, largemouth, spotted, and smallmouth bass are not the only species in the water nor are they any longer the only fish we consistently test gear against. Though built as a finesse reel and not really intended for heavy duty applications, I threw caution to the wind and took this reel down with me to the Amazon to see how it would fare against a bit meaner species of fish.

The MGX features a single carbon matrix drag washer producing roughly five pounds of maximum drag pressure as measured in our lab.

For these duties, I spooled this reel up with 50lb Suffix 832 (it holds 65yds of this line) and had it share duties between two rods : first my custom Kistler ZBone LE, and second a Daiwa Zillion TDZL691MHXB.

The MGX is built as a finesse reel, but we took it down to the Amazon for some extreme testing.

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